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Quote-tastic/Review-- We are gathered here..--Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

This week I'm picking Jessica Clare and her newest, Taming of the Billionaire, which features...a cat lady!! Hells yes I'm gonna feature her. This one was a lot of fun. Sexy and then made me cry at the end. But the fun and sexy first. So. basically, the hero and heroine meet because they're both in a wedding party for mutual friends. And the bride wants a bit ta-do which includes everyone getting to know each other during the year before the wedding so she's done a bit of a meet and greet which led to some...bridal party, erm, coming togethers. This first one I just thought was hilarious. It's the groom talking to his groomsmen which includes the hero of this book. That last little bit. #dies!
"Good, you're here." Hunter said, tone curt. He folded his hands on his desk. "I asked you all to come here today because you are all good friends and business associates of mine. I've asked you to be in my wedding. I trust all of you. And I know that Gretchen is the woman I love and intend to marry, and she has her heart set on a big wedding with lots of pomp and circumstance. And because I can't refuse her anything, I'm going to give her the big wedding she wants. Which is what brings me to today's meeting." He dragged a hand over one cheek, as if rubbing a scar. Then he glared at them. "Quit sticking your dicks in the bridesmaids."

Sebastian snorted.

Asher just grinned.

Magnus said nothing, but his fists clenched at his side.
I totally snorted along with the heroine on this next one. The hero is a new cat dad and he's finally won his kitty over and lordy he can turn anything a spot dirty.
"Just a matter of giving a lady the right kind of attention," he murmured, his focus on the cat. "It's all about making her feel comfortable with you. Once she knows what your intentions are, you can touch her however you want, whenever you want." He ran a finger along one of the cat's tufted ears.

"I have a feeling we're no longer talking about cats," Edie said dryly.

"Cats, ladies, the same rules apply. Everyone wants love and safety...and lots of the right stroking."

She snorted.
 And dammit I've done it again and included 3 quotes. I suck at sticking to only one. But this was just too good to pass up. I loved her response and had a 'yes, please!' moment with her. lol
He leaned in, teeth bared. "Are you trying to piss me off so I'll lose my temper and fuck you hard and dirty?"

"Well, no," Edie said in a shaky voice, pinned by those gorgeous eyes. "But now that you mention it, that sounds pretty damn good."

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The Taming of the Billionaire (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #2) by Jessica Clare

The heroine was a cat lady!! *fist pump* Hell fucking yeah!! The Taming of the Billionaire was fun, sexy, full of pussies (of the feline variety of course! you dirty bird <winks>), had a fabulous heroine and one sexy beast of a hero that was a gaming geek to boot. Clare packed all kinds of make-a-girl-squee goodness into The Taming of the Billionaire, that's for sure.  

Now. For a while there I was thinking quite a few people in this book needed to be featured in surprise headline making "bus mows them down" accidents. 

When I finished it...I felt much the same. lol Thankfully the hero redeemed himself and no longer needed to go splat like a couple of the secondary characters.

See. Edie's sister and Magnus's brother want to hook up but her sister claims she has no time because she must be there constantly to help Edie and Magnus's smitten brother refuses to work until he can get with this sister. Which is where Magnus comes into play. To get what he wanted--his brother to buckle down and work on their gaming project-- he went along with their scheme to distract the heroine and pretend to like her so his brother could hook up with her sister, get her out of his system and get back to work! Millions to be made and time is a wasting!

Mmhm. That's where the bus mowing his douchy self down would come into play.

But thankfully he kind of fell for his girl fairly quickly and realized he was a huge fucking wanker to have gone along with the scheme concocted by their siblings.

I actually really loved this one despite the assery of some of the characters. Edie was a heroine I totally related to because, hello, I'm a cat lady too! She loves her kitties and helping those in need--she's a feline behaviorist. She struggles with an old injury to her knee that holds her back in a lot of ways and makes her reliant on help from her sister (of the bus mower downee fame), can be downright bitchy--though I kind of loved that too-- and totally embraces getting a little down and dirty.

And Magnus. Well I loved his opposites. He's rich as sin and oh so sexy but he's also a coding nerd and can get lost for hours in the video games he's making. He doesn't always make the best decisions but he's also one that's hard to keep a hate-on for. And when the man grovels...he fucking GROVELS! And does so in a spectacular make a girl cry way. Like. Best grovel ever. How all grovels should go. He is the king of grovelers which made for an amazing end to the book. 

They were good together too. Sexy and funny and full of all kinds of yummy passion. Some pretty hot sex scenes too as they spent time together and each wound up both tackling issues with their siblings--him with a slacker brother who was damaging their joint business and her with a manipulative sister that wore the facade of caring giver but really was playing everyone to get what she wanted.

Oh and the kitties. There were LOTS of kitties. I was in kitty heaven! She had 7 of her own in all forms of special needs babies, there's some time as she works as a behaviorist, some rescue time and, well, Magnus becomes a cat dad with multiple chargers and goes from anti-cat to doting kitty lover. It was awesome.

All in all, Taming of the Billionaire was a pretty fun read. Made me growly a couple times over some of the jerky side characters but I really did love the hero and heroine, the romance and one of the best 'big gestures' I've ever read. Clare rocked it and put together a blast of a read that'll leave all cat lovers totally smitten.
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