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Quote-tastic/Review--Who you calling pissy?!--The Collar by Tara Sue Me

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A little naughty for today's Quote-tastic. Tara Sue Me is a new-ish one for me but I'm really loving her BDSM series. I came in mid-way but so far they've both worked as stand alones. Hot reads, emotional with a bit of sweet as well. This one. I couldn't pick just one quote. I ended up *hangs head* with four. <dramatic sigh> Four. They were just too good to pass over. I loved the dynamic between these two...

"Not yet," he said, thumbs flicking her nipples and giving them the occasional pinch.

She moaned, but dropped her butt back onto the bed.

"Know what I'm doing?"

"Yes, Sir. You're trying to drive me fucking insane with the need to have you inside me."

He laughed, obviously not expecting her answer. "Yes, well, other than that."

"No. That's all I have."

"I'm a man," he said with a small smile. "I thought I should be able to do more. I like to fix things."

She snorted. "Don't I know? And you get all pissy when you can't."

"I take offense at the word 'pissy.'"

"That doesn't make it untrue."

"Master Martin wanted me to tell you he'd find someone else to watch the door if you were interested in doing a scene with him."

"I'll pass." She looked over her shoulder. "Did he still have his teeth when you left him?"

"I'm not that much of a Neanderthal, am I?"

She didn't answer but opened the door instead. "Let's go find Nathaniel."

"Am I?" he asked again.

"I'm trying really, really hard to be good," she whispered. "Don't make me lie. Oh, look. There he is."

"Good morning." she said, twisting her body to face him and realizing at that moment that she was naked.

"Umm, why am I naked?"

"I tried to find you something to sleep in last night, but you started taking your clothes off. I decided it wasn't a battle I wanted to fight, so I helped."

She bet he did.

"Don't look at me like that," he said. "You'll notice I'm not naked. And for the record, it was damn hard keeping my clothes on."

She decided to cut him some slack. He normally did sleep naked, and holding a nude woman all night would be trying for any man. "Thanks for staying."

"I told you last night I wasn't going to leave."

"I meant for not leaving this morning."

"I didn't want you to wake up alone," he said softly.

The Collar (Submissive #5) by Tara Sue Me

Oh yes. Tara Sue Me is quickly climbing the ranks of my go-to erotic authors! The Collar was an emotional and sexy ride as former lovers, Dena and Jeff, are brought back together by their BDSM group and a scare in Dena's personal life. Having to fight through memories of a horrible tragedy that pulled them apart years earlier and finally find some closure and maybe some hope too.

The quick of it is that these two were serious. They lived together. She wore his collar. Everything was wonderful until tragedy struck. Something neither of them could have prevented but that devastated and just broke them as a couple and individuals and at the time they just couldn't overcome it. It's been a few years and they're still part of the same BDSM play group and having to see each other now and again. The attraction's never died and when asked to do a demo together it flares brightly. Especially when a worrisome outside force pops up and she needs his professional security services on top of it. 

Dena and Jeff. I enjoyed them both so much. They're fiery and passionate. They moved together amazingly in the bedroom (or dungeon as the case may be) but outside of those doors they clash something fierce. They're from different worlds. she's definitely NOT submissive outside of the bedroom and hurts from the past are all working against them. But that chemistry! I loved watching them grow up. Deal with the past, with guilt and the pain and try to overcome it. It was interesting watching them deal with both the past and the present. The book tells both of their romances as well. Bouncing back and forth chapter to chapter between present day and as their romance originally stared 7 years later and how things fell apart. Sometimes that doesn't work at all but Tara did an amazing job with it and it flowed beautifully. My only 'thing' with them wasn't too big of a deal but I never really felt IN the story. I very much felt like I was watching a show from the outside. Which wasn't a big deal at all to me just a different feel while reading. 

Heat-wise. It's steamy but not over the top erotic. For a BDSM series I'd call it light. Really if the BDSM wasn't an element I'd put this one as mainstream for heat. So light-erotic and a good transition book for those wanting to check out the BDSM genre but that are nervous about it. I did love the sexy bits though. Their previous connection really made things intimate and gave it that extra layer of yum. 

There was a tiny bit of suspense as Dena starts receiving threatening notes and phone calls. It was a great way to bring the two together since he runs a security business. But it kind of felt like an afterthought. I was able to figure it out pretty much right from the get-go so it wasn't all that surprising or captivating from a suspense side of things. It worked as a storyline device though. 

All in all, The Collar was a sexy romp and made for a beautiful romance as two broken souls found a way to move past the heartache of their past and find a future together. Tara Sue Me is definitely one to check out if you enjoy erotic romances and a bit of BDSM. 

**Side note-- Boo on the covers. They make no sense for the series. I'm so anti this 50 Shades trend. 

*covers link to Amazon

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