Saturday, July 25, 2015

Randomly Random-- What type of READER are YOU?

Sooo. I'm just curious... What type of reader are YOU??

Are you, erm, free with your affections? Hooking up with more than one book at a time?

Or are you a reading monogamist and a one book at a time kinda woman?

Are you a serial reader? Hoping from one book's last page to the start of a new one right away?

Or do you need a little recoup time between new reads?

All about indulging in a couple long sessions?

Or are you all about the quickies and sneaking little bits of your book chapter by chapter all day long?

Yall you knock those bad boys out right away once you've finished a read or do you let a few pile up before diving in to write them up?

I'm a serial monogamist and all about the quickies. lol
I can't do more than one book at a time or, lordy, I get myself all turned around and will get them confused during reviews. I did that once. It was bad. So bad. I was so flustered! And had to do a lot of re-reading. lol I totally have reader ADD too. I read ALL day long but only in little blips and pieces. A chapter here. A chapter there. Then I get restless and need to move around and go clean the kitchen then sneak another chapter and as soon as I hit that last chapter I'm reaching for my next book.

I've been trying the last few months to finish a review right after I finish a book. I'm getting better at that but sometimes I get those rough drafts done and a few of them pile up before I polish em.

What about yall??

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