Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Giveaway Smorgasbord! Have a Giveaway? Come list it!

It can be hard to get traction for a giveaway so I thought I might try having a kind of giveaway hop of random giveaways.  I'll start a new link up each month. If you have a giveaway come on and list it whenever you'd like. Love givewaways? Check em all out below!

Either your own giveaway, a neat one you saw or one you think just needs a little more love.
Then feel free to share the list!

Please add your listing the following way
Name of Giveaway (ex--name of book)--Type (print/e/giftcard/etc)--US/CAN/INT--End date

I'll have the monthly post bookmarked up above in the widgets so any time you're looking to check something out hop on by!

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