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How to Get Lucky (Sexy in NYC #3) by Erin McCarthy

Sweet, sexy and a little silly too! How to Get Lucky was a blast as rock god Marco finally meets his match in a sass-ily sarcastic New Yorker who's...less than enamored with his musical, erm, charms.

The quick of it is that during a night out with friends Allison catches Marco's eye. Not because she's fawning over him and his fame or musical talents but exactly the opposite. Chickie is not impressed with his fame and the gaggle of women following him around and can't quite keep her mouth shut about it. And damn if he can help it but he's...totally captivated and can't resist meeting her sarcastic jabs with a bit of teasing of his own which leads to all kinds of confusing and fun things for both of them when he can't find it in him to stay away.
She wanted to be someone's Sunday afternoon, not their Saturday night.
Marco and Allison. I loved them. Allison's sarcastic, mouthy, has a penchant for 90s slang and really has no filter but manages to be cheeky instead of bitchy. Hallelujah! And Marco. Sexy, talented, and a man who is doing his best to be a better person than he used to be. They were great characters. Flawed but likable and just fun together.
"You're very cute," she told him.

"No, I'm not. Kittens are cute. I look like I've had too many late nights and traveled too much," he murmured. "I look older than my age."

"You're still cute." She kissed his lips softly. "Even with the beard scruff. Ad even with the dirty hair that could use a blowout. It's your eyes. They sparkle with the mischief of a little boy."

"Have you been drinking?" He cocked his head. "Because you sound like Allison on painkillers and wine. Are you going to start spinning in circles next and telling me the plane is raining unicorns?"

She laughed. "What, you're allowed to compliment me, but I can't compliment you?" Though, she had to admit, she wasn't usually in the habit of telling men their eyes sparkled. He had a point. "You look fucking cute, okay? Just shut up and let me be nice."

He sighed in mock relief. "That's better. You're back. I thought you'd been abducted by aliens."

She stuck her tongue out at him. 
I really loved the romance too. Things move quickly but somehow it didn't feel that way. They liked to poke at each other and there was a lot of sarcasm and teasing and it was just fun watching the two interact and get to know each other over a few days and broke down some first impressions. And, whew boy! When they do heat up...very yummy and intense.

There's a lot of fun and some silly humor but there's also a serious side and I kind of loved that even more. Maybe because I could relate to some of what they were feeling. I don't know. Regardless it touched me seeing these two go through the harder feelings as well. They'd both had rather large Come to Jesus moments that they were coming to grips with. Had made mistakes--some major ones--in their lives but they were trying to figure out a way to make up for them and be better people.  I really loved that connection between them. Their issues were different, the moment it hit them a year apart, but the process and realizations they went through were so similar in ways and it really made their connection to each other feel even stronger. It was just a nice counter to the lighter parts.

All in all, I'm grinning just a bit and even more smitten with McCarthy. She never fails to bring fun, sexy romances to life with characters you can't help but adore. It's been a crazy long time waiting for How to Get Lucky (10 years I think!) but it was worth the wait and so fun to meet up with this crew for just a little while. Bring on the next! I can't wait!

Have you read McCarthy? Have a favorite?
Do you have a favorite 'life reboot' storyline?

Okay so I'm not including the blurb because it's ridiculously long and spoils pretty much every plot point in the book. So I'm not adding it in. If you want to read it just click the Goodreads link below...

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