Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Monthly Herd--June 2015--I survived life with NO internet...barely!! June was a LONG and BUSY month. I've been quiet the last 2 weeks and am just now getting caught up on blog visits. Sorry yall! The bringers of the internet decided to fail me for a while and I had terrible connection (dropping every 5 or so minutes) then none at all. Which was...a trial. lol I never realized just how MUCH of my life is e-based until I couldn't get...on the blog, to the sites I needed for auction/author graphics, to all my recipes, my music, tv shows/movies, etc. I was going stir crazy, yall. And getting way behind on work and emails. Eeps!

But the internet came back finally and I dove in to wrapping up everything for the auction and making 67 graphics for it in...3 days. Yikes!! Thank goodness for my stance on blogging ahead! It kept the blog going while I was away and holy cow it was a huge relief not having to stress about at least that while I was banished to the land of no internets. Now to shore up my reserves again. I went through 14 of my stockpile while the internet was down. Whew! I'll definitely be hosting another Blog Ahead this Fall if you'd like to be notified when that opens up just click HERE :D

Anywho. Now on to the June recap. It was quite the month! ~Anna

The big thing is.... our 2nd annual Support the Troops Auction!
It's going on until the evening of July 3rd.
Hope you'll come out and bid on some things! There are some awesome items up for grabs.
You can find it all HERE plus a giveaway.

Other than that. I've been tweaking the blog and changed up my review layouts.
Hopefully that's working for yall. I'm kind of liking it so will probably stick with the new format and graphics for each review :D

I've got a July tour still OPEN for Caged Magic by Jennifer Lyon!
I hope yall will join in. It looks like a fantastic read and she's an awesome lady to work with :)
It's a paranormal romance and works fine as a stand alone.

I had a ton of reviews on the blog. Some fantastic but I had a lot of meh as well.
Most of those were read back in May during my off reading time where just nothing was working for whatever reason. Thank the stars I've more or less escaped that!

Total Books Reviewed: 20
Favorite Read: Asking for It by Lilah Pace & Desperado by Lisa Bignham
For Challenges: 17

Interview w/ Jennifer Dawson
Guest Post w/ Kimberly Kincaid
Guest Post w/ Regina Kyle
Guest Post w/ TS Krupa
Interview w/ Houston Havens

Aaaaaand that's it for June!
On to July!!!

Did you have a favorite post? 

Did you do a monthly update? Link it in the comments!

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