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Interview w/ Liv Rancourt--studs, butter & camping?

Hey guys! We've got Liv joining us to chat about King Stud today. Yall join on in and hit those comments below!

Morning Liv! Welcome to herding cats! I've got tea and cookies set up on the deck so come on back. Soooo. King Stud. That is one lickable cover! If you had to hook someone another way and only had 10 seconds what would you tell them?
The hardest part of any remodel is avoiding the studs.

Bwahaha *snags a cookie* Can you tell us 3 fun/sexy/goofy/curious/etc behind the scenes facts about King Stud? *raises eyebrow*
Thanks for the cookie! Here are three King Stud Quickies
1. My friend read an early version of the story and nicknamed Ryan “Studly Hungwell”. Which, you know, is true.
2. Danielle’s very serious-minded, so in some ways being with Ryan has her reliving the wild-child days she never had.
3. Now, I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but IF Ryan and Danielle worked things out and decided to get married, that would probably motivate all of Ryan’s brothers – and his sister Maeve – to find dates for the wedding. I mean, IF there was going to be a wedding…
Oh...migod. Studly Hungwell. I so want to be friends with your friend. lol Any make-a-girl-pant moments with Ryan you could share? The naughtier the better! <winks>
She allowed him to feed her one bite, and another. Hand feeding her Chinese food was its own kind of sexy. “Why are you being nice to me?”

“Because I’m hoping you’ll suck my dick.”

Danielle giggled, all but choking on her chicken at the abrupt change of subject. “You could have just asked.”

“Okay.” He cupped his hand over his crotch. “Now I’m asking.”

“Don’t you want to eat first?”

His dimples deepened some more. “I’m not starving.” He reached over and traced her lower lip with the tip of his finger. “I want your mouth on me.”

“In the dining room?” Every possible objection made a party in her head. “There’s a big window and no drapes.”

“It’s dark outside. Nobody’s going to see us.”

Says the voice of reason.

Except, he was right. Very few cars tackled Perkins Lane, and unless someone was looking, they wouldn’t see anything behind the laurel hedge. The gruff edge to his words wore down her resistance. All the negatives – anxiety, embarrassment, fear – were trumped by a craving to taste him, to take him down deep.

She sank down to her knees, jaw chattering, shivers running deep in her belly. He eased back, bracing himself against a chair. She lowered his fly, and he did a little shivering of his own.

Drawing out his thick cock, she stopped to admire it, running light fingertips along the knotty veins. He thrust toward her and groaned softly, his enthusiasm paying her a high compliment. She drew the smooth pink head to her lips, tracing the rounded edge with her tongue. He gasped and his hands flexed, gripped, and held.

“More,” he said, his voice stripped raw.

Danielle ran her tongue along his shaft. She couldn’t swallow it all, so kept hold of the base with one hand. The other she trailed up his thigh until she reached the thatch of dark hair surrounding his balls. She took as much as she could, set up a rhythm, synched her mouth to her hand, and caressed his balls.

Ryan’s jeans slid down around his thighs and he sighed from somewhere deep, rocking his hips in time with her motion. He scooted the chair out and sank to the edge of the seat. Her awareness was wrapped around him, his strength as he thrust against the back of her throat, his musky smell, the heavy velvet of his balls. He dug his fingers through her hair, his other hand clutching her shoulder.

When he gasped again she stopped, cupping both hands around his shaft and teasing the head with little bites. She flicked the band underneath with the tip of her tongue and grinned at the determined thrust of his hips. “’S good?”


She opened up and took him deeper than before, increasing her pace, prompting Ryan to let loose a stream of muffled curses. For every shit or damn, there were multiple variations on Oh my God. So good. 

She did feel good, amazing even. Ryan’s pleasure bathed everything from her soul to her sex in a giddy, warm, sweet sensation. Ryan’s hips lost their rhythm at the same time that his cock pulsed in her hands.

“I’m going to come.” He gritted the words out on a ragged exhale.

Her instinct was to draw back. She’d never let a guy come in her mouth before. But then, she’d never had a guy like Ryan before, a guy so real and so strong. A guy who tweaked every one of her expectations. A guy she might one day be able to love.
Well now. *fans self* Um...Best thing about a...younger man? *raises eyebrow*
Well, Ryan would probably guess stamina, but Danielle would say recovery time. *winks*
::snort:: Yes, please! to both? Favorite thing about Danielle?
Ooh! I’m glad you asked that one. Danielle is loyal (to a fault, when it comes to Maeve) and she is willing to put herself out there for the things she cares about, things like family and friends and the fragile infants at work.
She sounds amazing! If they had 24 hours to go anywhere or do anything what would these two get up to?
Ryan would probably get Danielle a little buzzed and talk her into going camping with him, because having Miss PrimNProper out in the wild would be fun. Danielle would be more than up for it, though. She likes her lotions and product (and, you know, showers), but she’s down-to-earth enough to go without a straightening iron for a whole weekend.
LOL I would so need to be buzzed to agree to camping unless it involved a cabin in the woods. lol Any secrets they'd be totally embarrassed about if they were found out?
Back in the day (like, right after high school graduation) Ryan’s ex- got a little drunk at a party and started flirting with some guy, and when Ryan caught them he beat the guy up. He’s always been embarrassed about losing his cool like that, especially since hindsight showed him Cherry was likely at fault. He’s got a temper, my boy.
Dani’s secret also stems from high school. The first time she got really drunk, she was with Maeve. The night ended with Danielle puking in the O’Connor’s garbage can out in the alley behind their house. Maeve earned her BFF status by holding Dani’s hair and taking care of her, making sure she got to bed and finding her some Tylenol in the morning. They don’t talk about it anymore, but it’s the kind of memory that ties the two of them together.
Tell us about your herd! They sound adorable! Sweet herd babe angels or are they of the naughty (but wonderful) herd babe variety? lol
And we DO have a herd. The oldest is Sara the cat. She’s always been a little grumpy, but seems to get worse with every new addition to the family. We’re working with her, though. Next oldest is Burnsie, our 4-year-old Lhasa-Terrier mix who does a fine impression of an Ewok. (He’s secretly my baby. Shh…don’t tell the rest of them.)
We recently brought Ed home. He’s an 18-week-old white German Shepherd, and he’s one feisty little guy. (In keeping with the Star Wars theme, he’s our Stormtrooper.) We’re trying to figure out the best way to break the news to Burnsie that it won’t be long till Ed is Top Dog.

There are also three ferrets, but they pretty much live in my oldest kid’s room. They are Sandy, Mr. B. and Pecha. They’re cute. A little stinky, but cute.

OMG they are all amazingly adorable! I would totally give them squishy hugs! Sara so sounds like #BabyG. She is NOT on board with new additions.

Alright, favorite Man Candy?
I’m currently nursing a ‘thing’ for the cast of the BBCs Musketeers. Really, I have a pretty short attention span, but between the four of them, someone’s always gonna fit my mood. ;)
I totally need to check that out. Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
Cash money. Heh. I don’t usually carry cash, but we had a garage sale this weekend so I have dollar bills in my wallet. Go figure!
Best "burning soup" moment?
Well, there was the time we had all the relatives over for Thanksgiving dinner. My son was a baby (so maybe 15 years ago) and my husband decided to smoke the turkey. (My husband’s nickname is MacGyver, as in the guy who could make anything out of a nail and two pieces of wire.) Anyway, when he brought the turkey out of the smoker, it honest-to-God looked like something dug up from an Egyptian pyramid – all black and wrinkled and shriveled. The look on my mother’s face!! The turkey tasted awesome, but I’m pretty sure Mom thought we’d be calling out for pizza.
LOL oh that's too funny. I bet yalls expressions were priceless! I'm completely freaked out by?
Being buried alive. There. That’s all the detail you need.
(Driving my car into a body of water comes a close second. Hate bridges. Hate them.)
Gah me too! What do you like on your toast?
I’m all about the butter. Sometimes, if the toast is perfect, a little raspberry jam is good, but really, butter.
Dinosaurs or dragons? And why?
Dragons, because I’d rather read about vampires than serial killers.
Love me some dragons. *noms* Before you head out...What's up next for you?
I’m finishing up edits on a story for a charity anthology that will be available just in time for the holidays. The proceeds will benefit the Ali Forney Center, an agency that works to support homeless LGBTQ youth. You can keep an eye on my blog for info on when it will be available.
Oo good luck on the fundraiser! Thanks so much for dropping in, Liv!
Well thank you, Anna, for having me, and for asking such great questions, and for the cookies!
Alright chickies! Yalls turn! Hit the comments and leave Liv some love!
Danielle’s got three months to make her grandmother’s rundown Craftsman house livable. Her game plan is to get in, get grubby, and get back home to L.A. She needs a carpenter, and her best friend’s younger brother is a good one. It’s hard to ignore the buffed body under Ryan’s paint-splattered sweatshirts, but her friend declares he’s off-limits so Danielle reluctantly agrees.

Ryan doesn’t have the cleanest record, anyway. His recently ex-ed girlfriend wants him back, and he has a reputation for brawling. He’s also had a crush on Danielle since he was a kid. Despite their nine-year age difference, he knows she’s worth pursuing.

Soon the paint under Danielle’s fingernails starts feeling more natural than the L.A. sunshine. She’ll have to navigate plumbing disasters, money problems, and one seriously cranky best friend to find something she hasn’t had before: a real home, and a man who loves her.

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I write romance: m/f, m/m, and v/h, where the h is for human and the v is for vampire…or sometimes demon. I write funny. I don’t write angst. When I’m not writing I take care of tiny premature babies or teenagers, depending on whether I’m at home or at work. My husband is a soul of patience, my dog is the cutest thing evah(!), and we’re up to three ferrets.

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