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3 stars--Sleeping with the Enemy (Out of Bounds #4) by Tracy Solheim

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Woo! Second chance romance. Enemies to lovers. That just makes the reader girl in me go all...quivery. Sleeping with the Enemy was full of passion, manipulations, long ago misunderstandings and some pretty hot lovin as old flames are brought back together by someone trying to cause trouble for Jay's football team.

The quick of it is that Jay and Bridgett had a thing many years ago when they were barely grown and it ended...disastrously and they went their separate ways, grew up, created new lives and hardened their hearts against love. But now Jay's football team is being sued and they need one helluva lawyer to get them out of the jam. Bridgett just so happens to be one killer lawyer and the sister of one of his players and back into each others lives they're thrown.

I liked Bridgett quite a bit. There was just something about her that I connected with. She's strong and self sufficient and a survivor who keeps her feelings contained. I sympathized with her and wanted good things for her. Wanted to see the hard edges she protected herself with soften. Jay...I wanted to smack around a little. lol He was just as hurt by a misunderstanding that tore them apart and not willing to trust in love or let anyone close again but he was kind of a shit about it when trying to get with Bridgett again all these years later. He wanted her body but that's it. They were good in the sack so why not while their time away getting sweaty together. And, yeah, he needed to be smacked for that.
"No," she said, her voice breathless. "No more. We had out walk down memory lane, but that's all it was. We were both tired and overwrought and we lost our heads."

He arched an eyebrow at her. "I have never been nor will I ever be 'overwrought'"

Bridgett's eyes narrowed and she released an exasperated huff. "No, but you are insufferable. You wore me down once, but it won't happen again. You are a client. Nothing else can or will happen." She jerked her chin up in the air, defying him to argue with her.

Jay felt a grin break out--not to mention a very nice hard-on begin to develop--at her belligerent stance. "That would have sounded a lot tougher if I didn't have your panties in my pocket."
There were lots of good things but I did have a couple problems. I was never able to forget the bad blood between these two and instead of it bringing the right kind of tension and heat to their encounters most of the time it made me kind of sad for them instead. I also had some trouble with some wishy washy happening especially after the 3rd or 4th time with no real change in things. ex--Bridgett wanting to keep a distance, his lips meeting hers and that changing to "fuck me stupid" instead then back to no we can't. And I was with her on that. They didn't trust each other and that kept me from believing them falling back in love. Especially since the misunderstanding was kept going for so long instead of them just saying something then everything wrapping up way too close to the end.

Okay, so I enjoyed Sleeping with the Enemy to a point. There are some pretty funny moments, some that had me tearing up and these two were definitely scorching in bed together. And I loved a bunch of the secondary characters--both family, friend and coworkers--and am really hoping they'll get their stories told. Even the suspense with who was trying to cause Jay's team trouble was pretty dang good. But this one didn't quite do it for me overall. I love the whole second chance romance and seeing a couple deal with the animosity that can bring but this time, for me, the tone missed the mark a bit. Worth the read to see how things fall out if you've been reading the series but not the best to start with for the first time.

Have you read Solheim? Have a favorite?
Ever have one that was just slightly off? Enjoyable but not quite right?

tracy solheim, contemporary, sports, romance, review
Dot-com millionaire Jay McManus is discovering that owning a pro football team like the Baltimore Blaze isn’t easy. An anonymous blogger is out to destroy his reputation, and now his team is being sued by its own cheerleaders. If Jay’s not careful, he could lose big—and not just financially.

Bridgett Janik’s brother may play for the Baltimore Blaze, but she’s not thrilled to be defending Jay McManus, the man who broke her heart. It’s bad enough she has to mingle with Jay during games, but working beside her former lover may be too much for her body—and her heart—to resist.

Jay’s determined not to let Bridgett slip away from him a second time. But, as the two follow the mysterious blogger’s trail, secrets—both past and present—are revealed, and Jay and Bridgett must decide if their relationship can be something more than just sleeping with the enemy.

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