Friday, September 18, 2015

3.5 stars--Sinfully Yours (Hellions of High Street #2) by Cara Elliott

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The heroine's name is Anna!!! And she's an author! Okay, so I only write about books but woohoo! for an Anna!

Sinfully Yours was what I would call an easy read. Easy to get into with an easy plot and romance and likable characters. It was one of those books that just rolled along--and I don't mean that in a bad way. It was a delightful escape for a lazy afternoon or a stressful day when I needed something simple and that would soothe and leave me content. A light read with a little humor and intrigue, some nice sexual tension and a little heat. It was a spot predictable in some ways but, again, sometimes you just need that easy read.

I enjoyed both characters. Anna  and Devlin were a great match. Both more than they seem on the outside, a little combative when it came to each other, sharp of wit and opinion. It was fun seeing them wind up at a Scottish house party for a month. Forced to deal with each other, feel the tendrils of temptation and eventually join forces to figure out who was conspiring against one of the royal guests.

The intrigue was rather predictable. There weren't any major twists or surprises for me on who was behind the plot against the Prince but I enjoyed watching Anna and Devlin figure it out bit by bit as they got closer together. The romance moved along slowly and I liked that. More them getting to know each other and the sharpness of their interactions softening. They definitely had some fire between them which is always fun. There's a bit of heat but it's not the focus. It's more them working together and uncovering each others secrets. I did think it made a bit too much of a jump there at the end to LOVE but I still liked them together.

Overall, enjoyable. I'll definitely be reading book three. The teasers throughout for the next book storyline were fun to watch happen :) Elliott has a lovely, easy way about her books that just pulls me in and makes for a delightfully relaxing time.

After an eventful Season, Anna Sloane longs for some peace and quiet to pursue her writing. Though her plots might be full of harrowing adventure and heated passion, she'd much prefer to leave such exploits on the page rather than experience them in real life. Or so she thinks until she encounters the darkly dissolute—and gorgeously charming—Marquess of Davenport.

Davenport has a reputation as a notorious rake whose only forte is wanton seduction. However the real reason he's a guest at the same remote Scottish castle has nothing to do with Anna... until a series of mysterious threats leave him no choice but to turn to her for help in stopping a dangerous conspiracy. As desire erupts between them, Davenport soon learns he's not the only one using a carefully crafted image to hide his true talents. And he's more than ready to show Anna that sometimes reality can be even better than her wildest imaginings...


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