Sunday, September 6, 2015

Randomly Random: What Do You Do Other Than *gasp* Reading?

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What do you do when you aren't *gasp* reading?
And I'm talking fun things not having to do the whole adult bit.

I love reading, obviously, but other than that I love crafty kind of things.
Cross stitch and beading and photography. And my e-crafting with working on graphics.

I'm always playing with my nails and trying out new nail art designs. That's something fairly new in the last year. Kinda crafty too, maybe?

I hang at the USO as often as I can.

Lately I've been all about puzzling. I just started that up a couple months ago. Finished one so far (minus 4 herd-disappeared pieces) and have another nearly there.


I like working around the house and building things. I'm really rather handy. I even replaced a drainage pump on my washing machine this summer. *fist pump*

Oh and cooking. I love cooking and baking (even though I suck at it). But yall know that from my tasty delight posts.

I think those are my biggies. I used to travel all the time but the herd put the kibosh on that the last couple years. Just not possible with all of them about.

So. What about yall? How do you spend YOUR fun time?

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