Thursday, September 24, 2015

3.5 stars--The Widow's Choice by Hildie McQueen

Simply sweet. The Widows Choice was an easy read with lovely characters finding their hope, love and a place to call home.

The quick of it is that Rafe and his best friend are moving north from Texas to Montana in search of a new start and they find a lovely widow struggling to keep her large ranch afloat. They're in need of work, she's in need of labor and they're hired on.

I really loved the characters. Rafe and Charlotte, his best friend and her sister-in-law as well as an elderly ranch foreman. They're likable, hardworking, brave and felt like family. The romance was slow moving--she's slow to trust and he's putting everything he has into learning to ranch. I liked them together though and that it wasn't a speedy thing but took weeks. There's a nice spot of tension and a tiny little bit of heat to go with it.

Things did go a bit dark for a spell as they deal with a crazy neighbor set on owning everything that's Charlottes. I was a bit surprised with how dark things went in an otherwise light read.

My only problem was with the editing. There were a number of blips during the novella that could be a little distracting after a while.

All in all, The Widows Choice was a lovely read that left me smiling and ready for more from this small Montana town.

Do you have a favorite from McQueen?
A historical Western that just made you giddy? 

Comely widow Charlotte Kennedy is in over her head. Between running a huge ranch and keeping a cruel rancher at arms length, she doesn't need the added distraction of romance.

Colter Valley calls to Rafe Preston, who decides to purchase land and settle there. When he accepts a temporary job at a beautiful widow's ranch, he has no idea how much it will impact his plans.

Passion, deception and treachery, blend into a beautiful love story, set in 1860s Montana Territory. 



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