Friday, May 26, 2017

Audio Files-- The Heist & The Chase by Janet Evanovich/Lee Goldberg

Oh this series was fun! Fox and O'hare follows and FBI agent heroine and...the con man she's been hunting for years. Who are now having to work together as a team to tackle off the books missions the FBI can't officially get involved with. Fun banter, captivating characters, a little danger and adventure. A fantastic time all the way around. 

The Characters:
Fox and O'hare were as different as night and day and, yall, I LOVED their dynamic. She's a hard ass, he's a charmer, they snark and growl and have a little attraction. They have that fun underlying teasing and ease of driving each other a spot crazy. I laughed out loud a number of times over their interactions and was totally rooting on some naughty things to go down. I hope they will eventually. The bad guy vs good girl vibes they have are just too fun. His free spirit to her by the book attitude. PLEASE with the naughty! I beg! lol
My only complaint is Kate is an ex Navy SEAL Just no. I hated that. Unrealistic and not possible at the time these came out. 
The Heist (Book1): 
The Heist is all about bringing this team together. A lot of chasing, a lot of driving each other crazy. It's a total cat and mouse game early on and I loved it. And seeing their first mission together as they start pulling together their team of misfits that'll help them pull off a heist. 
The Chase (Book2): 
This time tracking down an artifact another country wanted back and that was supposedly safe and sound at a museum but really? Had totally been stolen already. lol Mid-air heists, capture and near misses, a little sexual tension. Things being blown up. Yep. Good times. 

This was my first time with Brick. And it was a surprise. I loved his voice and easily fell into his story telling and the adventures of Fox and O'Hare. Smooth, rich and made me want to wrap myself up in his voice. So, yay! He kind of reminded me of the guy who does the Sad Cat Diaries. One thing that usually wouldn't work for me but did was that there was no real attempt at doing the female voices. Almost like he was just reading the story to you. But like I said. Usually that would NOT work for me but because I enjoyed his voice so much and the way he did worked and I'll definitely go on with the audiobooks for this series.

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