Wednesday, May 17, 2017

InstaWednesday-- A smorgasbord of letters...

And so we photo. I've done a LOT of lettering the last couple weeks. And gotten a little sassy with it which is SO much more my style than the sweet inspirational lettering. Whew! Do I feel better! lol

It's been a fun last two weeks. Went to the art museum, did some lake hiking, herded the herd and pet all the books. Oh and got some USO news which was fun...

Keep it simple, y'all. Find an author you love and read all the books. lol I actually host an ongoing reading challenge called Read All the Books where you read an entire backlist of 45+ books for one author.

What author are you obsessed with?

My pick was Jayne Ann Krentz (Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick/ all her other names). Some of the collection.

It was a long week. Naps are needed.

So y'all know each of my girls has their own tower because they HATE each other. Like screech bloody murder, fights, biting, scratching mom when she happens to get between them hate each other. 😾 So they have their own spots to hang out and not be near each other.

So tonight I caught Gladys getting in Addi's cage and in her fish cave and just rolled my eyes and kept going. She's such a little shit.

This is how I found them just now. 😹😹

I went to senior arts and crafts this afternoon. lol Went to a class on Venice and the teacher was 30+ years older than me and the rest of the class 40+ years older. Ha! But it was fun and learned some interesting things about the building of Venice. Theb did a truly awful 3d collage to end the afternoon. 😹

Sibling Day! I'm an only child but love reading about siblings/close cousins and the like. This family from Shannon Stacey always has me rolling. They are so good at zingers! And driving each other crazy. It's so fun! 
Thought this worked for my lettering prompt. lol

Have you read the Kowalski's? Have any siblings?

I love some humor in my romance. Anyone else? Three of my go-to authors are @jillshalvis @katielanebooks and Carolyn Brown. These three ladies always make me smile.

I've heard wonderful things about @author_darynda_jones, too. She's on my list!

Who are your go-to funny authors?

New pretties at casa herding kitties. I couldn't resist the elephant. 🐘❤ All of the books were a wonderful surprise from the publishers-- Harlequin and HarperCollins. And new to me authors except Maya Banks so that's really fun. πŸ“š Love trying new authors :) Link is in the bio for this and my top ten series that have ended but I really want one more book from!

Some days start out super productive and you're like omg I'm seriously doing this adulting thing! 
And then somehow by 6pm you're doodling vibrators.

Nope. We're not needy at all.

:snort:: feeling cheeky with my lettering challenge. But srsly. lol

She doesn't know she's being touched. I fear the moment of realization. lol 😹😻😾

Saturday is the last day of my week. 
So I spend a bit of time resting and planning for the upcoming week. 
Working on both a meal plan and a blog/life plan :)

I say this insult on a post today and it made me laugh. I can so see a little angry person shaking their fist and yelling you foul mouth cockatoo!! What's your favorite creative insult?

I didn't do any design or planning last week and it about drove me crazy so lots of planning this week. Woo! I love the tropical cheery theme. 🍍

I kinda wanna start a book club where we just get together to read. Whatever book they're currently reading Lounge and read and maybe eat cookies with other bookworms.

One of my authors --Jennifer Lyon-- has a hot rockstar romance 🎸🎡 release coming up and I felt like doodling a little. Playing around with some white pen texturing. I'm kinda liking it. What do y'all think? 

Since fuck has been my word of the week. Bwahahaha. I couldn't help myself.

Happy Mother's Day (a little late, now) to all the mamas no matter if your kids rock fur or scales...or are lacking them and just plain ol human. lol Hope you have a fabulous day!! πŸ˜ΊπŸΆπŸ€πŸ’πŸ”πŸ πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§ I'm heading to mother's day brunch with my friend Ro to celebrate us because we're both just flipping amazing. lol

My #currentread . Loving this series from Alison Bliss and it's plus sized heroines. I'm loving Val, too. She's rocking her curves and has such amazing self confidence. Now to see if she can get her hero-- her brothers best friend-- to get on board with things. He's still in the putz category. lol

Isn't that cover just the cutest? (Amazon)

Books and naps. Best things ever. Plus... Cowboys! I mean, right? lol

50 minutes in to my accidental hike around the lake my trail decided disappear on me. Yeah. I had to find rocks to get across the creek. Lord y'all. This was enough nature for the rest of the month. lol

She's all upset because there's a new cat. In the mirror. #thiscat #shesridiculous

Tried out a new technique this afternoon and omg I'm in love. Tombow Dual pens blended with a Pentel Aquash brush.

Got my 5 year USO pin this week. And have apparently logged 870 volunteer hours (a little more at this point). Didn't realize it had been quite that long. Ee!

My #currentread is all about cowboys and the rodeo πŸ‚ and omg I love it. It's my catnip, yall. lol Kari Lynn Dell is quickly becoming a favorite, too. Tougher in Texas (Amazon) has been really interesting. The hero has Aspergers and is in charge of the rodeo team and dealing with suddenly not finding his heroine annoying like he always has. It's been interesting going along for his ride and seeing how he deals with social situations and such.

I couldn't resist this lettering. My prompt was 'work it' for one challenge and 'book and song' for another and my cowboy is really having to work hard. And, well, I couldn't help myself. lol

::snort:: some days I feel like yelling this at the blog and social media. Just a little. Maybe. #sassylettering #sassyblogger

Art is Everywhere. Including the kitchen. I love cooking and baking. Making delicious little masterpieces. Finding the perfect pepper to make a dish pop with both color and flavor. It always makes me a little sad when someone says they hate cooking or wave it off saying they don't have the time. There are so many simple dishes that can be made in 30 minutes or less and creating a little bit of art is well with it...

A new book always leaves me glowing with joy. πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸŽ‰ Just a bit. Love that moment of turning to page one and diving in.  A new to me author, too. Avon sent over From Duke Till Dawn by Eva Leigh for review consideration and it's so dang pretty I couldn't resist. I seriously love historical covers. So pretty!

If you do a photo post on your blog or FB feel free to link yourself in :)

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