Saturday, May 6, 2017

If You Liked THIS Book.... You'll LOVE My Book! aka #BookDeath

So. A wee #RantyAnna moment this lovely Saturday. 

I got another blog request tonight that basically went like this...

You liked THAT author's book so I think you'll LOVE this other author I'm pimping at you right now! death.
Especially if they compare it to 50 Shades of Grey #WorstBookEver

I HATE when authors/publishers/tour companies use anything along these lines.

Honest to goodness I get ones from a publisher that is like "you're getting this request because you like X other author's books, like historical romance, you're 34, you like cats, your car is you'll LOVE this new author!!" 

Authors and Publishers...This is not the way to market your book. 

It's one thing if a fellow reader is like "hey this book reminds me of so in so's writing" It's a totally different thing if you try to pimp yourself by riding on the coattails of another author.

It almost guarantees I'll avoid a book (or author).

And that as a blogger I sure won't feature it.

Not to mention usually the books/authors have NOTHING in common.
Like. Seriously. Don't pimp a fluffy fairy tale by using a darker mixed class bet trope.

Or if I've DNF'd or 1 starred an author DO NOT say your book is similar and think I'm gonna jump all over that bad boy.

OMG For reals?! If you're going to do this type marketing at least try to pay attention to the individual blogger you're reaching out to. Otherwise you just look ridiculous and that is NOT how a review request should ever come across.

So. Yes. A rant. I'm not even sure what category rant this should go under since it's really a Word from the Herd, a Blogger to Author, Thoughts from both a Blogger and Reader Girl. But regardless. A rant.


Please. Just don't.
Don't make my eye twitch or have me reaching for the delete button.

Okay. RantyAnna out. Have a fab Saturday, yall!

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