Wednesday, May 3, 2017

InstaWednesday-- The Herd, The Planner, Me, And Books!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Lots of photo catching up since I didn't post the second half of April because of the A to Z challenge. Lots of the herd. Adventures around town. Me! The herd. Lots of pretties.

Bubbles and Jeremy. Their expressions. Ha!

The grey is taking over. Ergs! lol #rockthegrey #bedhead #mytiredface
I was getting ready for bed at like 2am and took my hair down. Kinda liked what it did. Even with the grey :D

Naps are calling ... 

This series from Nancy Herkness was such a fun surprise. The whole thing revolves around a bet three drunk guys made. 💰💰 The bet? Finding true love. Mmhm. They've got one year to find the lady who makes everything worth it. 😍 I just love that. I mean seriously how cute is that?! I'm reading book 3 right now. The hero's a best selling author with a horrid case of writers block.📚 And having to fight his fear he'll never get his words back. The heroine is sweet and he's all cranky and it's just fab.

Oh and she has a cat named Pie. 😺🍰


I think it turned out rather pretty. It'll be a busy week here. Vet appointments, the USO and hopefully a book signing 📚 and a walk at the lake. 

Endless help and assistance. 😹 This girl is a mamas girl.❤

I've been slacking on my lettering over the holidays so whipped my pens out for today's to do list. Now to get all of it done...

I was just getting over my scratched up finger from this weekend and simply went to get out of bed and now have a scratched up leg. Because obviously my foot looks like Fran who was a couple feet away on the floor and someone lost her shit. Ouch!

Someone is being really feisty today and about to get herself a nail trim. Mmhm.

When you've *maybe* pushed your mom a *little* too far one day and she has Amazon Prime and is done with your sass.

Yeah. The herd has a time out area. #MamasHadIt


Went to a book signing a week ago. It fun seeing author friends Sabrina Jeffries and Erin Knightley and meeting a few authors I enjoy (Bennett and Chase). What author would you LOVE to meet?

Sharing some of my stained glass pieces on the blog today. I got this one at the Lori Foster event a few years back.

I have GOT to finish my bathroom remodel. Thats my main goal. The little octopus might be involved in that.  Hoping for a lot of reading and review writing, too. I've gotten a spot behind lately. I've just been reading SO slow. 📚 It's supposed to rain 🌧 all week it seems so might just happen.

Catching up on some challenges. Man I've not lettered in like 2 weeks. Eek! 🖋

Reading a hot little read 📚 from Lauren Hawkeye and Entangled today. Dayum it's fun plus pierced cock!!! 🐓 Woo! And an Irish one at that. *swoon * I'm always so damn giddy over a surprise pierced pecker. lol I just can't help it. The heroine is pretty dang vanilla and innocent so about to get a whole new kinda lovin from this hero. Fun read on a rainy day. 🌧

Well an individual's world for sure. 💓 Romance reads and a little revenge in the middle for when someone does you dirty. 😹 lol

I so didn't think it would be so hard to spell out April in book spines. Whew! 📚

On the blog today! By the Hour by Roni Loren 🎉

I was so excited for this one and getting Lane's story. He's got one of the more unique jobs that I've read. He's a sex surrogate at a rehab unit. Wha?! Totally sexy lickable guy, too. 😍

The book was excellent and so dang steamy. Lane and Elle aren't too fond of each other early on so there's some serious hate sex happening and it was glorious! lol

Cowboys. I'm a sucker for cowboys. Especially a growly one. Anyone else?

I really love this series from Yates. Insta reads for me. Goodness she puts her characters through a lot and just makes you ache for them.

I had to read this one as soon as I got it. I was still a bit miffed at the hero after meeting him in book one but wow did he win me over. This guy! There was a lot of humor but also a lot of heartache and frustration as he found his hea and mended his relationship with his daughter. Yep he's got a teen and is a little older that your average hero. I loved that! 



So. The herd has a new addition. Olivia (aka Livvy) the #HerdMouse.
The kitties are intrigued.

I went to out towns spring arts festival. It's in the park right up from my house at the lake I normally walk at. So many gorgeous things including my new pen. I couldn't resist! 😻

Prep for the week! I'm trying something new this week and starting my weekly spread on Sunday instead of Monday. And, yeah, totally had to keep reminding myself today was not Monday. lol My meal planning 🍇🍆🌮🍍🍰 sheets start on Sunday and it drives me crazy they don't match. So we'll see!

Lots to get done this week and rather excited about it all. ❤😻

You know it's Monday when you're halfway to the store and the town utility people are like hey! you have plants on your bumper.

Yeah. Yeah. I did. *face palm* but they did stay until I pulled into the shopping center. 

Every morning should start with tea and a bit of reading. ☕📖 
Just good for the soul. ❤

Anyone read Garwood? I've read one but years ago. I do love a man in a suit. 😻😍❤ 🖋 Done with Artists Loft brush pens and a white Prismacolor pencil for highlighting.

Pre-Order: HERE

Finally accepted that winter is over. 
Christmas wreath came down and this went up!
I think it looks rather cheery. Especially with the red door :)

If you do a photo post on your blog or FB feel free to link yourself in :)

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