Thursday, May 18, 2017

4 stars-- Red Wolf (Shifters Unbound #10) by Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer Ashley is simply amazing. Red Wolf was exciting, nerve wracking, made me laugh, made me smile, and had me falling even more in love with the Shifters Unbound series.

So, basically, there's something fishing going on in the shifter world and the leaders are... concerned. So Dimitri and Jaycee-- two of the trackers-- are sent to do what they do best...scope the scene and figure out where the danger is coming from and if one of their own has sold them out to the fae.

I loved Dimitri and Jase. They've known each other practically their whole lives and are best friends and you could so tell. They were great together and had that nice bit of teasing between them. And, whew, sexual tension since he'd mate claimed her and she hadn't given him a reply yet. So...that was fun. lol Jase is badass and doesn't shy away from danger. Dimitri's fierce and protective. And has a stutter. Which was interesting to see especially in a shifter at the top of the food chain.

There was just a little heat and the romance was a little understated since things were so dicey with their mission. I didn't hate that, though, since, really, they already had that bond and were halfway in love even if they couldn't admit it to themselves.

The danger/mission. Lord. Yall. I had to stop reading and take a nap to shore up my strength for the last bit. My palms were sweating and I was seriously antsy as things finally went down and the truth finally came out.

All in all, a damn fine addition the the series. An amazing hero and heroine, danger around every corner, awesome side characters-- including a rather creepy and a pretty exciting tease at what's to come for this world of shifters. Nicely done!

Lupine Shifter Dimitri has always had to defend himself to other Shifters. As a red wolf, he’s not considered a “pure” wolf, and the battles have honed him into a tough fighter, a champion of the fight clubs. Jaycee Bordeaux, a leopard Shifter, is Dimitri’s staunchest defender and oldest friend. Dimitri is determined to turn that friendship into a mate bond.

Jaycee loves that idea, but she knows that a mate bond can’t be forced. And when Dimitri and Jaycee are called on to go undercover to protect collared Shifters, she knows the dangers ahead will make or break their future together.

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