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Fire Me Up (Pine Mountain #4) by Kimberly Kincaid (@KensingtonBooks)

Teagan O’Malley can handle a crisis. She’s a paramedic, it’s her job. But she never expected to land in the kitchen of her father’s pub, with no notice, no cash, and no room for error. The kitchen is not her favorite place. Lucky for her, she just scraped a bad-boy chef off the pavement after a motorcycle accident—and something about him says he can turn up the heat in more ways than one.

Adrian Holt has had a rough few years, and he’s not eager to get tangled up in anything more complicated than a good risotto. But with a broken arm and a head full of bad memories, he needs a challenge to keep him sane. Teagan’s dare-me attitude and smoldering mess of a bar are just what the doctor ordered. And the two of them together might cook up some even better medicine…

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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How do you cement the title of Queen of Foodie Romance? Make a vegetarian pant over the luscious descriptions of a pulled pork sandwich and have her seriously considering renouncing her ways. 17 years and Kincaid has me going...omg I so want one! over a pork sandwich *hangs head in veggie girl shame* lol Fire Me Up was a foodie romance lover's wet dream as a motorcycle accident lands Adrian with a little time on his hands and making his way into the kitchen of the woman who came to his rescue at the accident site.

Alright so the quick of it is that both Adrian and Teagan's lives are in a bit of upheaval. She's having to take time off her job as an EMT to help keep her dad's bar afloat and Adrian's been kicked out of his job at the resort restaurant while he heals from his accident--much to his dismay. And one thing leads to another and Adrian ends up lending his chefly skills to the bar since no one there knows how to cook and they desperately need the guidance.

These two were great. They had lovely chemistry, matched each other nicely in the work-a-holic category and had some issues they needed to work through on the personal front. These two are crazy dedicated and always on the go. I had a good time watching them work together in and out of the kitchen, Watching them slowly grow and deal with their pasts--his is a little, erm, rough-- and emotional blocks. They were insanely hot together. Whew. Yeah they steamed up the pages in a number of ways and it was all...verra verra nice. There was a lot of humor as well which is always fun.
"We are officially the last two people in the restaurant." She sauntered around to the customer side of the bar, swinging the bar stools up to the mahogany with what looked like a well practiced flip. When the hell had it gotten so late?

"Oh, right. Well, inventory should be a slam dunk. Your father actually keeps pretty detailed records, even though they're mostly by hand. I can go over it with you, if you want."

Teagan laughed, putting up the bar stool next to his. "The only thing I want to go over right now is my bed."

Ardian's mind zeroed in on the memory of her face, caught up in passionate release, and heat tore through his veins. "Really?"

Her eyes rounded, landing on his with a mixture of embarrassment and something he couldn't quite nail down. "Oh shit. I mean to sleep. In my bed, all alone. You know, just... God, sleep deprivation is not my friend."
Okay I had one little niggle. It wasn't a huge thing and is kinda silly but dude...Adrian...almost in the #SuperCock club. You know. Those guys that get all shot up, banged up and still they're mighty willing and ready to go...all...the...way! He's got a broken arm/cast thing happening and was still all about some sex that was, erm, vigorous. Like the broken arm was just forgotten during those scenes. I would have thought some working around it would need to be done. But who knows. The #SuperCock knows no limits ;)

There was a nice little bit of added drama and suspense that I so wasn't expecting but worked really nicely when a sticky situation pops up at the bar and lands everyone in a spot of danger. It was a nice added bit of ooompf! to the storyline.

Overall, Fire Me Up was a tasty treat all the way around...the food, the romance, the suspense and, oh yeah, definitely the heat. Kincaid knows how to delight all the senses and never disappoints.


Have you read Kincaid? Have a favorite?
Ever read a Foodie Romance? Any recs?
Have you ever had sex with someone in a cast? *raises eyebrow* Curious minds want to know.

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