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Forbidden to Love the Duke (The Fenwick Sisters Affairs #1) by Jillian Hunter

Lady Ivy Fenwick is desperate. Since her father’s fatal duel, she and her sisters have sold off every valuable possession to make ends meet. With the manor stripped bare, Ivy has one last resort: Apply as governess to the Duke of Ellsworth’s wards.

James should have known better than to hire the desirable lady who had fallen on hard times—and who tempts him at every turn. As her employer, he tries valiantly to remain noble and not let a kiss they shared as strangers years ago entice him. Yet the more he learns of Ivy’s secrets, the more he wants her. And when another suitor proves aggressive, James is confronted with a challenge: Surrender Ivy or fight for the woman he’s come to love against all odds, knowing that it takes a scoundrel to trump a scoundrel.

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

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Second chance romance, a little taboo romance of a Duke and his governess, quirky family members and a little mystery and intrigue. Forbidden to Love the Duke...was a charming start to the Fenwick Sisters Affairs.

  • I liked the set up. These two met briefly years ago but then life happened and it wasn't until 5 years later when their paths crossed again when she was in need of a position and he was desperate for a governess for his niece and nephew.
  • I loved the characters. Lady Ivy and her sisters are spunky, tough broads who have survived scandal and heartache and stuck together no matter what was thrown at them. And James is one sexy Duke. He's back from war and just wanting to cut loose and have some nekkid time with his Mistress but lands himself with the responsibilities of his niece and nephew and then a new Governess he can't resist. I sure felt for the man and his serious case of blue balls and loved watching him try to juggle everything and everyone. It was fun watching them resist their attraction and fail. And while not too steamy there were some nice love scenes and moments.
"I'm tired, James."

"Rest, then."

She nodded, the rhythmic jolting of the carriage lulling her into a brief sleep. When she opened her eyes, she realized that it was twilight and her head was resting in James's lap.He smiled at her. She smiled back, drowsy and relaxed until she realized he had undone her gown and was languidly stroking his knuckles across her breasts.

"Help yourself," she said with a laugh.
  • There's a little added mystery/danger behind the sister's home where apparently way back a treasure was hidden on the property and never found. It added a bit of excitement to the storyline which was nice.
  • For some reason the entire time I was reading I just felt slightly out of sync with the storyline and writing. I'm not sure exactly how to explain it but I felt a bit slow. I'd be reading then suddenly something else was happening and I was still in the last convo going oh oh okay we moved on. I don't know if I was just having an off reading day or what. I didn't have that with the last I read by Hunter.
  • The ending was fantastic. While there were parts leading up that dragged just a little for me the ending was exciting and fast paced and got me excited to see what'll happen next in the series.

While I had a little issue with flow and syncing up with Forbidden to Love the Duke it was still a very nice read and start to a new series. I'm definitely looking forward to more from Hunter. She has a lovely way of bringing wonderfully charming and unique characters to life that's really just delightful.
Have you read Hunter? Do you have a favorite?
Do you like the forbidden lovers storyline?

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