Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tasty Delights--Chocolate Cream Pie

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So. I was in the mood for pie! And I didn't want to go to the grocery in the middle of the night so I searched the pantry and landed on making a Chocolate Cream Pie.
Yums! It was so dang easy and really tasty too!

So this one wasn't entirely from scratch. I had pie crusts from another recipe left over and needed to get those used so store bought crust happened. I much prefer homemade but in a pinch these do nicely.

While your pie crust is baking put together your pudding filling. 
Start by mixing your dry ingredients. Mix in water. Bring to a boil.
Then remove from heat. Add in butter and vanilla and stir until combined.

While filling is cooling just a bit mix powdered sugar, heavy whipping cream and a touch of vanilla and whisk until peaks form.

 Pour chocolate filling into crust and allow to cool completely.
Plop on your whipped cream and cover chocolate filling completely.
If you'd like to add a spot of garnish use a vegetable peeler to shave a bit of milk chocolate over the top of the pie.

Slice and serve! I love whipped cream and the chocolate was a nice rich balance for it.
Again I would have preferred a homemade crust--I do love those--but the store bought wasn't bad for whipping up a quick dessert :)

Do you have a favorite pie?


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