Sunday, February 15, 2015

Randomly Random---the wee Lovely Blogger ;)

Mornin' luvs. So. I thought we'd do some random today. Two fab bloggers--Jorie at Jorie's Reads and Ki over at Doing Some Reading tagged me in the One Lovely Blog meme and I'm always up for sharing some random with yall. Basically you share 7 facts about yourself then pass it on to the next blogger :) So I'm gonna double my facts. One set for each. Here goes!
1. I don't have a middle name. *sobs* I have a way long first name but no actual middle name.  I just get one of those * bits. And oh my word it can be an absolute bitch on some forms where they make you put something to continue.
2. For the longest time I would only paint one hand of my nails. I liked having the colorful side but then the natural polish free side too.
3. I'm obsessed with office supplies. I buy them kinda like I buy books. I count down the days until my new planner for the next year can be used. I could wander the office supply store for hours and check out the supply aisle at the grocery even though I'd never buy from there since they're so much more expensive. I just like to look. These are my favorite pens right now. They're green. That makes me ridiculously happy. 
4. There are NO white walls in my house. Green. Blue. Purple. Orange. Yellow. More green. Teal. Another room that has half green half purple walls. Maroon w/ upper walls in straw (pale pink). Warm cinnamon hallways. Brown bathroom w/ green upper walls. I mean. Color. Everywhere. Much to the absolute horror of my eggshell loving mom and grams. And it all manages to look fab and flow together. 
The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block. I adored them. Then the Rolling Stones. Then N'Sync. I have no shame.  If I coulda talked my mom into it and they came close enough I would have been all over seeing Hanson. Mmmbop played...constantly. Heh.
6.  I love the eclectic look. The current room I'm staying in--the guest room. Is a mix of those dark purple and green walls with black bookcases and drapes. And the art in here. Wells. I have vintage tin ads, pottery angels made by monk's on one wall, a huge print of the Paris skyline in black and white, glass balls in shades of clear and blue hanging from the ceiling, funky bottles from over the years on top of the bookcases and some weird elephant art in the bookcases. One is made of vintage flatware. There's also a clay blowfish from the Mall of America in there somewhere. It may sound like a hot mess but it totally works in a weird, wonderful, kinda wacky way.
7. I hate the color pink but have it as an accent color in multiple rooms. And my cell phone is hot pink. I call it the evil pink devil phone. not get along some days.

good Lord. 7 more. okay. I can do this.

1. I think naughty church signs are freaking AMAZING
2. I would love to have some erotic art decorating my walls.  But I've not found the right one yet. I do have a gorgeous stained glass window of a couple embracing in my dining room. But so far that's as "naughty" as it gets. 
3. I work from home (work is like 20 steps away) so I pretty much live in pjs. 90% of my life is in pajama bottoms and a tank. lol
4. I hate hot weather. Despise it. I turn into a whiny brat if made to go out in the heat for extended periods of time. And by extended periods of time I mean more than 5 minutes. I don't do well in the heat and flush bright red as soon as I'm in it. Always have. Not like sunburn. Just like a blush that stays until I'm cooled down again. Sucked being from Florida with that.  
5.  I've helped build houses from the foundation up. I don't do roofs though so you'd be on your own there but everything else...I'm good. 
6. Impulse control and me...kinda estranged. lol Once an idea pops into my head I jump into it. I love figuring out new things and trying this or that. Sometimes it ends up awesome. Sometimes...yeah. Well. We'll just ignore those times. Heh. 
7. I love antique cars. I grew up being driven to school and everywhere in Studebakers. I don't think I was in a "current" car until I was in middle school. lol I went to prom with my friends in a Studebaker. Spent most summers while growing up on Studebaker car trips going across the country for International Car Shows and own a 59 Lark. I don't get to drive him (he's actually in another state since I don't have a garage to keep him out of the weather in NC) but he's mine :) This is what Hayden looks like but he hasn't been restored yet. One day though. One day.

Holy frack that's hard. I share so much of my weird crazy with yall it's blasted difficult coming up with other random things about me. lol Alright. I'm not tagging anyone specifically in this meme but would love to know some things about YALL! So tell me in the comments. What are some neat facts about you?!


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