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Quote-tastic/Review-asking permission is so verra sexy! Hero by Samantha Young (@BerkleyRomance)

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My first go with Samantha Young...pretty damn good. Broody pain-in-the-ass hero, smart-ass heroine, Scorching sexy. Fucked up family history. Yep. Had a good time.

I had a devil of a time picking a quote this week so went with 3. These first two are from early on when the two were just starting to have to deal with each other. Just made me smile.

I approached with the tray and Caine looked up at me. I quickly wrenched my gaze away from his forearms. His sleeves were rolled up, displaying his corded, tan arms.

The son of a bitch had to have some kind of physical flaw. I was going to find it. I was. 

"You're late." He curled his lip in annoyance.

Personality flaws, on the other hand...oh, I'd already found lots of those. 
Effie is Caine's next door neighbor who is kind of a grandmother figure for him. 
"Caine, is it?" She threw me a cheeky smile.

"Mr. Carraway," I corrected myself, holding her steady gaze and refusing to give anything away.

She chortled. "You can call him Caine, sweetheart. He's not a god."

"Do you think you could tell him that? Because I don't think he knows."
Aaaand one more. Caine's usually a damn broody man and I loved when he let his guard down and had a good time. And, hell yeah, that's an offer no girl could refuse ;)
"I'll text you when I'm on my way."

My whole body tightened at the thought of what he'd do to me once he got to my apartment. I sounded a little breathless when I replied. "Shouldn't you wait to be invited first?"

His eyes narrowed. "Lexie, may I come to your apartment tonight so I can fuck your brains out?"

Lust wooshed in my lower belly.

I lifted my gaze from his mouth to his eyes and a smile tickled my lips. "I suppose that would be okay."

That was when he grinned at me--a full-on grin that made my heart flutter and turned me into a puddle of warm mush. 

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Heat: 3 out of 5     Rating: 4 out of 5

Hero totally had me panting and eager for more as two damaged characters who were so at odds with each other struggled through dealing with their family history and an undeniable attraction with the person they least expected and tried so hard to resist.

The quick of it is that Alexa is having a shit-tastic start to your work day after walking in and finding a stunning man. A man whose family her father destroyed years ago in a spineless moment that changed everything for so many people. And this man...he's SO not pleased to see her. Gets her fired. Then the broody prickly bastard realizes he was just that and hires her as his PA with a thought in his mind of taking out his anger at her father on an easy target. Total prick move, right? But an awesome one that in the end managed to change both their lives once again. Throw in some scorching hot sex and a sassy heroine and hell yeah Hero totally had me panting and eager for more. 

Now. Lets just take a minute to appreciate a man in a suit. Hot. Damn! Yeah. Caine and his broody self could rock a suit and it was so dang sexy. 

Okay, okay. Back to the review. So. I have a thing for moody heroes and Caine...totally lust-worthy. The man would not be easy to deal with but oh he is so worth the frustration and all the pain in the ass moments he so gloriously instigated. He's hard and uncompromising and can show is arrogant alpha male self at the drop of a hat but under it all he's hiding some heavy hurt and insecurities because of the past. And somehow even when he was being an utter ass I still felt for him and could totally get the attraction.

Alexa was a lovely heroine and lordy she had the patience of a saint dealing with this man and his moods. She's pretty much been alone in the world and has so many insecurities because of the people in her life that have let her down. She's hard working, smart and oh she has a feisty mouth on her that just won't back down.

These two! They do not have an easy start to things. They piss each other off. They snark and growl and seriously lust after each other no matter the frustrations between them and it was a damn good time watching them deal with each other all day at work as things heat up between them.
Caine needed a woman who wasn't scared of him and wouldn't back down when his bastardly behavior reared it's head and Alexa was so up for that task. You could feel the sexual tension flying between them and it was amazing. The sex scenes were hot and heavy and the foreplay leading up to them squirm-worthy. Even outside of the bedroom the two had an amazing flow when they could just let go of the past and just be.

All in all, Hero totally had me from start to finish. Sexy damaged characters. An emotional journey that just pulled at my heartstrings. Decadent sex scenes and a beautifully done romance. A definite win and one that will have me coming back for more. No question.

Have you read Young? What did you think?
Do you have a favorite damaged hero?


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