Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Monthly Herd--November 2014--better way the hell late than never...

Bwahaha. So. Yeah. I totally didn't have my shit together back in November. *takes a bow for her total blogger badassery* But I like having a monthly recap that I can easily jump to when I'm looking for a particular post. Easier to have 12 posts to check than 550+ for the year. So. Now you get November 2014. ::snort::

Oh one fun thing in Nov! I got interviewed by NetGalley. That was a lot of fun. Thanks everyone who came out to visit! Yall rock and are just the most awesomest of followers :D

Blog Ahead began! Woots! A month of scheduling as many full posts as possible. (30 is the goal). It went well I think. I was so happy for everyone who rocked it and got some extra posts scheduled. We'll definitely be doing this again and probably a half version as well in the Spring.

Recipe Exchange! We had the first Christmas Recipe Exchange. Over 200 recipes went out around the world to 43 different readers/authors/bloggers. Hopefully we'll do this again. It was fun but turned out to be a LOT more work than I expected.

In just a few hours...Authors for the Holidays!

Total Books: 11
New to Me Authors: 4
Randomly Random--How to SEE all your FB Pages

Kitten Confessions w/ Debbie from The Reading Frenzy

Tag: The Cat Herder--
Edition 4

The Bucket List--
Saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!
Guest Post w/ Jill Shalvis
Interview w/ Sandy James
Guest Post w/ Stacy Gail
Guest Post w/ Megan Mulry
Other than Quote-tastics (all listed in the review section) not a dang one. I was busting my ass with Blog Ahead and running a couple blog tours.


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