Saturday, February 21, 2015

Word from the Herd: 30? Girlfriend you're WAY too OLD for romance. Mmhm.

Okay so this post is way late coming--this is something I saw on a blog last year--but at the time I was just a little too grrr-argy to actually write the post. I decided though I still kind of wanted to put this out there. This was a guest post by a new romance author on things she'd learned while writing her first romance.

Anyone else have a HUGE issue with this?

I mean to start with. This girl is a SERIOUS spinster by this account.

32 and I'm over the romance hill.


But...but...I haven't found my Mister Herding Cats yet!


Really though, this does seem to be the train of thought if you look at adult romances in general. I've started paying attention and holy crap. Yeah. Most heroines (if we're not talking New Adult or Historical where it would be expected) do hover right under 30.

Probably 9 out of 10 books I read the heroine is 27-29.

Heaven forbid she be an old maid of 30. Even when the hero is early 30s.

I don't really understand the whole thought that 20s are more desirable.

Desirable to...who exactly?

So many readers are in their 30s or older. It's just such a missed opportunity to exclude heroines they can relate to for whatever reason and it's just a sad commentary on our society I think as a whole. 

I love reading heroines who are my age. Or who are older even. I'm always super excited when a heroine is over 30 or, hell, in her 50s. There's so many different possibilities and such different feels that come into play with older characters that have lived life. Why shun them or mark them as undesirable?

Is it just me that loves reading "older" heroines?

It makes me sad to think that's really how some people feel (even if in this case it's just fiction). That if you're over 30 you're too old for romance or for love. That I've missed my chance because I've never been in love or found someone I want to spend forever with. Good thing I've already got a jump on having a Herd to keep me company for the rest of my lonely romance-less years. lol

Personally I would love to see more diverse heroines. No matter if it's age or race or occupation. I do love my younger heroines too but it would be nice to see women of all ages embraced. Romance should celebrate and empower all women. Not just those that are brand spanking new and in their 20s. 

*shrugs* That's my 2 cents at least What say yall?

If you're an author have you been encouraged to write younger heroines?
Have you ever changed a heroines age to make her "more desirable?" or do you write 'older' heroines? you like getting to read older characters? Or ones that are your age?
 Is that something you want to see more of? Or do you want younger heroines?

Do you have a book with an older heroine you'd recommend?

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