Friday, February 6, 2015

Word from the Herd: Are there just *too* many books? What's keeping YOU from buying more books?

So. Here's the thing. Once again a post went by my Facebook feed bemoaning Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. And I gotta say. Totally makes me twitch when I see these types of posts.

The basic gist of each of these posts is that if readers use KU they're hurting authors (since those readers are ONLY going to read KU books which I think is an iffy argument but eh). And it's why <insert whichever author is complaining> is seeing poor book sales. Regardless of if their books are in KU or not.

And this just annoys the tar out of me (and so adds those authors to my do not buy list but that's a post for another day).

Every time a post like this goes by my feed I so want to go It's NOT KU! There are just TOO many books coming out each month. According to FictFact 244 in Feb and that's not including a ton of indie and small pub books. Holy shit. That is a crazy amount of books.

I don't remember it always being like that. Maybe it was always like that and I just wasn't paying attention?  But now there are just too many books. And I can't keep up. Not even close. So...

I'm NOT buying books for the most part. I wishlist them instead. I can't justify spending money on more books unless I'm going to read them right that second since I have--literally--thousands of books sitting on my shelf or in my kindle right now.

The market seems crazy saturated to me. It's not KU or any other lending or subscription program that's keeping me from buying books. Though I can see how that would be a convenient excuse.

But maybe it's just me?

I don't know.

What about YOU? Are you still buying books all the time? Or do you wishlist them? Have you put in a buying ban or a limit for each month? What's keeping YOU from buying new books? If you use KU do you still buy other books?
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