Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guest Post w/ Catherine Gayle-- a confession... (Cat Thursday)

Morning yall! One of my local ladies is meme-jacking Cat Thursday today. Woots! Catherine's an awesome one. She writes historicals and hockey romances and she's got herd babes! Check out her girlies and leave her some comment love :D  ~Anna
Nicky Ericsson has had a long fight with addiction, and because of it he lost his spot as the Portland Storm's top goaltender. He's on the road to a comeback--both in his personal life and on the ice. He's throwing himself into charity work, recovery group meetings, training...all the things he needs to do to become the best version of himself he can be, and to keep himself clean. He has no other choice.

Jessica Lynch has been running the Portland office for the Light the Lamp Foundation for a few years, so she knows a thing or two about addicts. One of the main things she's learned is that even when they try to turn their lives around, sometimes the addictions get the better of them. Because of that, she takes a hands off approach, keeping her heart out of things.

Nicky's attempts to better himself puts him in directly Jessica's path more often than not, and their attraction is instant and mutual. Can he prove that he won't fall back into old habits, and complete the perfect comeback?

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Hi, fellow cat herders and soup burners! Thanks for having me today.

I’m Catherine Gayle, romance author, hockey-obsessed reality TV watcher, and human to two felines. And I have a confession to make. My cats are freaks.

Surely, this is not news to any of you who have also had the honor of being human to a feline or more in your day. That’s the thing. Cats tend to all be freaks.

Kiki, for example, merely puts up with me being her human. Not that she would have chosen me, if she’d been given the choice. Kiki would have chosen a man who smokes. Maybe one who has lots of tattoos. She wouldn’t have picked one with a motorcycle, though, because motorcycles make lots of noise and the only thing she wants purring like a Harley is her. If she could have picked her human, you can bet she wouldn’t
have picked a non-smoking female like me. I think that’s why she tends to try to run away every time the door opens—she hopes she can find the male smoker of her dreams and run off into the sunset with him to purr and rub her scent on him and make him her human.

Then there’s Dakota. I don’t even know where to begin with describing Dakota’s freakishness because pretty much everything about her screams Freak with a capital F. The thing that tickles me the most lately is her post-litter-box race through the house. I don’t often catch her while she’s in there (she tends to have three paws up on the ledge, ready to spring free as soon as the deed is done), but I ALWAYS know when she’s finished. She goes flying. Top speed. No stopping her. You’d better hope you don’t end up in the path of her flailing paws because you’ll end up bloody. At first, I thought she was doing this because she was scared of the litter box. I have a CatGenie, and it cleans itself. After using my Google-fu, though, I discovered that there are many cats out there that are just as freaky post-litter-box as Dakota is. Who knew?

Thanks again for spending a little time with me and my freaky cats. I know many of you are also human to pets. What kinds of freaky things do yours do? 

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