Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Monthly Herd-- Feb 2015--Can we thaw out now? Please?

We. Survived. February.


What a freaking COLD month. I'm ready to thaw out, please! lol
 Blog-wise a pretty good month. Got a lot done, did some good reading, hosted a blog tour and had another one book. So not bad. Home-wise a little rough. My first car finally gave her last gasp. She ended up needing more work than she was worth which was disappointing. And lost a rescue babe. I hate when that happens. Thankfully everyone else is doing well and holding in there but so much suck when a loss catches you by surprise. Have been giving lots of extra loves to the Herd which is helping. Not too much else home-wise. Projects as usual, waiting for warmer weather to do some outside things that need doing. 

Nada! While a busy month there really wasn't anything brand spanking new.
Had a handful of awesome discussions linked below but that was about it.

Oh. I guess one thing.
I created a private group on FB The Herd: After Dark
It's more risque/everything goes. Yall are welcome to join but be warned. lol

Now and again I host blog tours or help with review requests for authors.
If you're a blogger and are interested I'd love to have you join my team :)
Just pop over HERE and fill out the quick sign up form.

Currently sign ups are open for spotlights & reviews for Katalina Leon.
This is ongoing and posting dates are flexible.
More info HERE

I'm going to try to get back into doing my Bucket List posting. Not sure what March will be but going to try and get one worked in :)
Total Books: 16
For Challenges: 14
New to me Authors: 8

It was a kind of eh month for reads. Some good ones but then ended with way more 3s than I usually have. Hopefully March will come out a little stronger.

Favorite read this month...At Wolf Ranch by Jennifer Ryan

Have been keeping up with discussions. I'm really enjoying doing them so hopefully yall are too!

Randomly Random--the wee Lovely Blogger

Must Reads (or rather Eats!)--the best of Tasty Delight
Guest Post w/ Victoria Vane
Guest Post w/ Kimberly Kincaid
Guest Post w/ Anne Barton
Guest Post w/ Catherine Gayle
Spotlight feature--Erika Kelly
Interview w/ Jim Cangany
Tasty Delights--Chocolate Cream Pie
Tag: The Cat Herder-- edition 6

If you do a monthly recap be sure to leave your link!
And yall are more than welcome to hit any past posts you might have missed and want to check out :)

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