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Quote-tatic/Review--I do not snot!!--A Midsummer Night's Romp by Katie MacAlister

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Ahhh how I love Katie MacAlister and her zany humor. I had a great time with this one and chuckled-snorted though a lot of it. These are a couple of my faves...
Lorina waited until he was settled on the scooter before asking. "Are you really interested in the mouse stones, or are you setting me up solely in order to be snotty to me?"

He stopped the scooter and stared at her. "Snotty! I am not snotty. I have never been snotty. I don't even know how to be snotty. Snarky, yes--snarky, I know--but snotty?" He gave a loud sniff. "I do not snot."

And foreplay gone very very wrong. lol They're trapped in a cellar right about now... 

"...although I cleaned up the last time I went to the toilet area, I'm not as springtime fresh as I would like."

"The same can be said for me," he murmured, kissing her inner thigh, and relishing the way she simultaneously shivered and pulled his head closer. 

"Except it's easier for you to keep clean."

He paused. "I don't see how."

He felt her arm move. "It's the way we're built. Women have parts that are nicely tucked up inside, which , although preferable to the alternative--really, don't all male genitalia get in the way when you walk? I don't see how you can even sit without crushing parts of it. Anyway, lady parts are a wee bit more difficult to tend to to their position."

"There you go again, calling my balls ugly. I can't do anything about their appearance any more than I can my face."

"I didn't call your balls ugly. I simply pointed out that having all your bits outside made it easy to clean them up, I mean, you can just dunk them in a bucket, whereas women have folds. And recesses. And many more working parts. It's not my fault that men insist on keeping their genitals outside, where they are not only visiible to all and sundry, but also get in the way of things."

He squared his shoulders. "My cock and balls do not get in the way!"

"Well, not now, but I bet they do other times. Like when you want to ride a horse. Or a motorcycle. Or dandle a baby on your lap only to have him kick you right in the family jewels."

Gunner grimaced. "All right, I will allow that last one, but I assure you that I have no difficulties with my privates when riding a motorcycle. Now, shall we proceed, or is there something else you wish to discourse about?"

Lorina laughed. "I love it when you talk all lofty like that, although you really sound awfully disgruntled."

"I feel disgruntled," he said in an injured tone. "Here I am attempting to seduce you as best I can, and I'm just about to tell you that you have a lovely...what did you call it? Lady guardian?"


"Lady garden, and you throw at me the fact that you think my genitals are unsightly! I ask you, how is a man to proceed with admiring the lady garden when that happens?"

"Screw it," Lorina said, pulling him forward onto her. "Foreplay is overrated anyway. Let's skip the oral sex again, and then we can trade witticisms about crotches afterwards."

Amazon | All Romance | Book Depository | BAM | Goodreads
A Midsummer Night's Romp (Ainslie Brothers #2)
Type: Contemporary Romance     Heat: 2.5     Rating: 4

Katie MacAlister is my go-to when I want a delightfully fun, light and quirky romance that'll make me smile and just lift my spirits. And A Midsummer Night's Romp delivered on all fronts as an archaeological dig at a castle bring together an English photographer who lives there and an American French teacher who is set on avenging her best friend against one of the men at the dig site. Zany insanity ensues! 
  • Quirky, quirky, quirky! One of the things I love about McAlister is she's got a very unique sense of humor and doesn't hold back. It's light, quirky, can be silly and gigglesnort-worthy. It's not for everyone but for me it's a nice little break from my other reads. 
  • The archaeological stoyline. OMG I LOVE books that have archaeology as a base. That whole treasure hunt what will they find next thing totally works for me. And it was a lot of fun as a television crew and a dig team swarm Ainslie castle to see what lies beneath it's fields. I loved some of the tid-bits and watching them uncover things. I would have loved to see some of the bigger finds as they happened instead of recaps on them but still loved it.
  • The characters. Ahhh these two! Lorina and Gunner. They had mouths on them and trouble keeping them under control. There were lots of oh so innocent things turned dirty so I felt right at home as the two teased and let things slip they normally wouldn't. The secondary characters are awesome too. From his daughter who is high energy to his siblings who are all a spot nutty. It just makes for a fun ensemble. 
  • The chemistry. Ahh the chemistry. From the start these two have it despite her trying to run from it. It's a bumpy ride but I loved the heat and flow between them. There's a little bit of sexing happening but not too much. Just one scene really. 
  • There were some serious bits. She was a bit prickly with him because of abuse she suffered in the past but I liked how it was handled by him. He'd had experience because of a sibling and I just liked how he didn't get frustrated when she'd have spaz outs and understood why she had them. There was also a different storyline concerning her friend and one of the men at the dig site that had given the friend HIV. It was different. That's really not something you see too often in a romance. If her friend gets a book it'll be interesting to see how that plays out.  
All in all, A Midsummer Night's Romp was <would it be too corny to say> a romping good time? Bwaha. It really was though. It had excitement and a little danger thrown in, some unexpected twists and endearing characters that just left me smiling and ready for book three. Another win from MacAlister!

Have you tried MacAlister? Do you have a favorite of hers?
Any archaeological romances you'd recommend?



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