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Quote-tastic/Review--Pffft I'm just lazy--Under the Lights by Shannon Stacey

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So. I adore Stacey. Years ago I fell for her Kowalski series. Had a little falling out with a few of them but was pretty stoked to see a new series and give it a go and it was a good time :) I loved this quote. Totally made me snort because it's so something I would say. lol

"I've never had a woman cook frozen pizza for me before," Chase said, picking up one of the slices Kelly had set in front of him on a paper plate. "I feel strangely flattered."

"Being flattered by frozen pizzas would be a little strange, yes."

He had to think about that one. "Well, it means you're comfortable with me, right?"

"Or it means I don't give a shit if you know I'm lazy." She grinned when he frowned at her. 

Under the Lights (Boys of Fall #1) by Shannon Stacey

Oh I had a good time with Under the Lights. It was a very easy read with great characters who have known each other their whole lives, a little drama, spirit and charm as a town comes together to help save it's football team by hosting a 2 week town bash to raise funds with the help of former team members who come back to town to kick things off. 
  • I loved watching this small run down town rally to save the football team that meant so much to them and kept their kids out of trouble during difficult economic times. Seeing how the former team members helped the young team guys by just being there, lending an ear and getting them to fight for their team and showing them someone cared what happened to them. The way everyone came together to do everything they could--yard sales, bake sales, a town fair, etc.  It was just sweet to see and so heartwarming.
  • I really liked both Kelly and Chase. They have some history--he played football in high school, her dad was the coach and she kinda had a crush on him. That connection made it fun for me. And they were just good characters doing everything they could. She's all heart and soul pouring herself into helping organize the event to save her dad's team. He's a stand up man who has personal struggles with work and a cheating ex but will do everything he can to help the team and coach that changed his life so many years ago. I just liked them down to their toes. 
  • I loved the spirit about this town. Everyone's struggled but there was still an underlying note of hope that spread through them all as they came together for the town events. It was really lovely to see happen.
  • I loved seeing the former footballers come together after so many years apart. These guys had meant the world to each other when they were teens but life spread them about the country and everyone lost touch. Seeing them connect was sweet and heartwarming and just fun to watch the teasing and camaraderie rekindle after so many years.
  • Like I mentioned, this was an easy read. There's no life or death moment. No huge drama between Kelly and Chase though there's a brief misunderstanding towards the end it's not the frustrating type. It was just easy and pleasant and kind of fun watching this town and team come together for a spell and watching Kelly and Chaseget to know each other over a couple weeks.
I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the series. Stacey has an easy way about her and makes falling into her books so delightfully fun and entertaining. 

**One note about the cover. While's completely off. This really makes it look like a New Adult series with a footballer as the main character. And it's just not. The characters are in their 30s, she's a cop, he's a builder/business owner. The only football connection is the town doing the fundraiser for the high school and that he used to play football. So. Not a fan of the cover. 


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