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The Unlikely Lady (Playful Brides #3) by Valerie Bowman

The Unlikely Lady was my first read from Bowman and oh I had so much fun as as Jane and Garrett--who drive each other a spot crazy--are forced to endure each other's presence at a friend's wedding party. A little mistaken identity at a masquerade ball. a bit of meddling by those pesky friends and witty banter land the two in quite the different sort of engagement than they're used to and it was just a delightful ride to go along on as both their worlds were tilted on their sides. 

So today's review is a little different. It's all about...the heroine! I usually have so much trouble with heroines but Jane...I adored her. And here's why...

10. She's courting scandal...just a little bit. Jane just wants to be left alone to her own pursuits and not have to worry about marriage and matchmaking. And her friends are the ones to help her come up with a little scheme to make that happen. I loved her and her friends. They're a little bit mischievous and would so give a mama grey hairs but they were fun, loved each other for exactly who they were and ready to do whatever was needed to help each other get the lives they wanted.

9. She feeds a cat. She might not want to claim said cat but she frets and makes sure mama and babes are well fed. Jane's really tenderhearted under all her attempts to look otherwise. She might have talked to dogs too. And I just find that endearing.

8. Teacake obsession. She's got a terrible sweet tooth and I instantly want to be her BFF to share in the noms. lol I love when a heroine enjoys her food.

7. She wears glasses. Now. I know that might seem like a huge thing but as a spectacle wearing chick myself I really appreciate seeing a heroine rocking them too. They're so rare! My only complaint with that was the hero kept telling her she was so pretty whenever she wasn't wearing them. Hrms. Though he liked her with them as well but still...

6. She's a bluestocking. I so love reading about them. She's smart, knows her own mind and was solid, quick and sharp.

5. She's a fighter & competitive! During the house part an unexpected guest arrived that was rather catty and determined to steal the hero. But Jane, once she decided she was in, fought back and didn't let this shrew of a woman push her around. I loved that she was confident and willing to go for what she wanted.

4. She's got quite the mouth! Oh yes. She's not afraid to say what she's thinking, throw a good barb, give her hero a little hell. The two had quite a...not love-hate relationship but a good bit oh you drive me crazy! there at the start which was very fun to watch.
Isabella narrowed her eyes on Miss Lowndes. "I find Mr. Upton's company quite charming."

"Charming? I suppose that's one word for it. Forgive me, but are you quite certain you know what 'charming' means, Mrs. Langford?"

Owen Monroe's bark of laughter caught the attention of most of the other guests.

Garrett grabbed his wine glass, nearly sloshing the red liquid over his sleeve. He took another deep drink. God help him. This night was already too long by half. 
3. She snagged one yummy delicious man. Really. She's got good taste. Well, once she decides she's got a bit of a thing for Garrett and would rather kiss him than trip him. lol The two were great together. Had fiery chemistry and just fun interactions. There wasn't much in the actual heat department but there was a little and it was very nice when it did happen.

2. She's very...matter of fact. Something might embarrass her but she'll deal and move on. She doesn't shock easily and often looked at things from an academic view I thought. I like that though.

1. She's a book lover!!! I was in total girl crush mode. lol Stuck out in the rain? Devil if ruining her shoes or hair is a concern. Her book might get wet!! Move, people! Move! Heh. My kind of girl. She might have squee-d over a room of books too. I mean I have NO idea what that would be like <snorts>

Really. The Unlikely Lady was charming, fun and had me chuckling. These two were quite the pair and it was so fun watching their lives change little by little. Definitely one to check out if you love a great heroine with spirit and sass. Bowman was a lovely discovery and I can't wait to read more from her.

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5-- though very limited
Rating: 4 out of 5

Miss Jane Lowndes is a confirmed bluestocking. She's convinced that if she can wait out her parents' demand that she marry, someday she can be a confirmed spinster and hold intellectual salons, her fondest dream. No man wants a bluestocking for a wife, after all. And that's exactly the way Jane likes it. In fact, she's invented a fictitious chaperone to help her achieve that purpose.

Lord Garrett Upton is a devil-may-care confirmed bachelor. He's lived through the war, and now that he's back in London, he intends to enjoy life to the fullest. Marriage is certainly not a part of that plan. He's known Miss Lowndes for years, and the two of them have long engaged in a war of words. Jane's latest scheme to pretend she has a fake chaperone is none of his business . . . until her desire to involve herself in a scandal becomes all too personal.

When Garrett and Jane mistakenly kiss at a wedding party masquerade, their well-documented dislike for each other is turned on its ear. And when a devious widow, who will stop at nothing to have Garrett, plots to keep them apart, will their desire for each other overcome their dreams of remaining unattached?

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