Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Monthly Herd--April 2015--A to Z Challenge is over and I need a nap!

April was a busy busy month. The A to Z Challenge happened and I did a LOT of randomly random posts. My favorite man candies, nail art, words I hate with a passion and my favorites too. Pet peeves and obsessions and Ed Sheeran...though maybe those last two are kind of the same. lol. It was a good month but I'm glad to be on to May and a normal schedule. 

April was fairly quiet on the home front...which was NOT a bad thing. 
I did a lot of work in the yard getting my deck ready for Spring and planting the veggie gardens. Oh. Proofs for reading/blogging journals were ordered and now I wait (and wait) for their arrival :D

Alas...nada new. I was crazy busy with the A to Z Challenge.


We did have a tour kick off yesterday if anyone is interested in checking it out & entering the giveaway. There's some awesome goodies!

And this one too!

Eeps! I can't believe it's time for our 2nd auction!
Everything raised goes to support the USO where I volunteer.
Authors if you'd like to donate to the event please check out THIS post!

Blog Ahead is happening right now!
There's still time to join in :)
The goal is getting ahead in posts to give yourself a bit of a buffer.
Sign Up HERE

As always. If you're interested! Now and again I help authors out with tours and events.
If you'd like to sign up to get notifications of these just fill out THIS form!

It was a pretty good month rating-wise. I read a lot more than I posted since the A to Z challenge was going but still not too bad. 

Reviews: 12
Products: 1
New to Me Authors: 3
For Challenges: 12
Favorite Read: Nice Girls Don't Ride

Nada! I skipped a lot of things this month because of the A to Z Challenge.
Interview w/ Jeanette Murray
Interview w/ Diana Gardin
Guest Post w/ Elisabeth Staab

Cat Thursday--Baby G

The A to Z Challenge happened! Whew but it was a LONG challenge but had fun with a lot of the posts. Had a little cooking and some herd babes

How was YOUR April??
If you did a recap link it below!

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