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Greetings from New Zealand. My name is Shelley Munro, and I’d like to tell you a story before I get to my quotes from my latest release Alien Encounter: Janaya.

Way back in 2003, I was an unpublished writer. I had loads of ambition and determination, which was why I was sitting down on a Saturday morning and trying to work on a new story about aliens crash-landing in a small country town. Scotty, our beloved fox terrier dog, wanted to go for a walk—as in right now, immediately, Shelley. Take me now!

“Scotty,” I said. “Please let me write a little bit more. Then we’ll go for an extra-long walk. I promise.”

I wrote a few paragraphs.

“Woof,” said Scotty. “Woof. Woof.”

“Scotty, go away or I’ll write you into this story and I won’t be nice.”

“Woof. Woof. Woof.” Which is dog-speak for I want my walk now. Too bad for you. Do your worst.

“Right,” I said. I started writing…

Quote One – where the aliens and the readers meet Killer

“Back on the ship,” she snapped to her aunt as she pulled her weapon free. “Now.”

To her right, the leaves of a fern shuddered. Janaya scented the air. Sweat. Torgon sweat.

“Come on out with your fingers poked inside your ears,” she ordered, aiming her neutralizing weapon at the dark green bushes.

“That would be, hands in the air,” her aunt said.

Janaya shrugged, not taking her eyes off the leafy plant. “Whatever. I have a weapon. Come out.”

The fern leaves shook, dried leaves crackled underfoot. Janaya’s outstretched hand never wavered, the heavy weapon still pointing at the bushes.

“Don’t shoot.” A black nose thrust past a lacy fern leaf.

Janaya’s eyes widened.

A black face with black eyes poked into view. “Are ya gonna shoot?”

“Janaya, put the weapon down. It’s a dog. Nothing to get trigger-happy about.”

“Yeah,” the little dog said. It stepped into full view. The dog stood below knee height and had white fur peppered liberally with black spots. It trotted closer, tail wagging.

“Do ya have any food?”
After writing this I fully intended to delete the scene, because why does a romance need a talking dog? But somehow, Killer joined the cast of characters and refused to leave. She had real attitude and spunk, and she ended up in quite a few scenes.

Next, we meet Luke Morgan. Luke is a big city cop who has returned to his country town roots. He’s all for a peaceful life, and he’s convinced Mrs. Bates, a local busybody, has imbibed too much wine and she’s not seeing UFOs at all…

Quote Two – where Luke discovers there is such a thing as aliens

“Mrs. Bates wants a situation report. She says her sister sighted the UFO over Ted Morrison’s wheat field.”

“Oops,” Hinekiri said. “Sounds like the cloaking device is out as well as the landing gear.”

Luke stared at Hinekiri then Janaya. “I’ll look into it.” After pressing a button on the handheld radio, he said, “Tell me this is a dream—overactive imagination. Confirm my suspicions about Mrs. Bates drinking the vicar’s wine.”

Janaya tore her gaze from Luke’s somber face to glare at her aunt.

“That depends.” Hinekiri gave a delicate cough.

“That’s what I thought,” Luke snapped. “You are the little green men.”

“Uh-huh. Wrong sex,” her aunt chirped.

Luke’s eyes swept down Janaya’s body and back up. Her skin prickled beneath her clothes and it felt as though he’d physically touched her person.

“Figure of speech. I can see you’re both female.” He swept a hand through his hair, making it tousled rather than merely windswept. “Hell.” His jaw clenched and suddenly he seemed to come to a decision. “You’ll have to come with me.”

“Ohhh! How exciting, Janaya. We’re under arrest!”
There is something about Janaya, the beautiful alien, that Luke finds hard to resist. Although he’s not interested in love and romance, a little friendly sex wouldn’t go astray…just until Janaya and her aunt leave Earth, you understand.

Quote Three – where Luke and the beautiful alien have sex for the first time

“Now who’s stalling,” he whispered, ensnared by her feminine strength and her hot violet eyes that promised pleasure, extreme pleasure for both of them.

Janaya grabbed his hands and raised them above his head. Luke barely suppressed the shiver that shot the length of his body. His engorged shaft twitched again and his balls drew tighter. She studied his upper body, her gaze a soft caress, then slowly, she lowered her head to graze her teeth across one masculine nipple. The sharp sensation drew a rough gasp from deep in his throat and jerked his lower body inches off the mattress.

She froze, her gaze leaping to meet his. “Did that hurt?”

Luke cleared his throat, his eyes fixed on hers as he tried to anticipate what she’d do next. “No.”

“I wouldn’t want to maim you.”

He gaped at her in shock. Jesus! He didn’t want that either.

“You are not the same as San…the males from our planet.”

Luke felt his eyes widen. She looked the same, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to carry on with this…this…experiment. In fact, his male equipment had wilted dramatically, no longer interested in getting the job done. His brain scurried north while he pondered if he should panic and run.

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Back to 2003 again. I wrote the first three chapters and a synopsis and emailed them off. I was convinced my story about two aliens crash-landing in New Zealand would result in a rejection—and forget the talking dog—so I stopped writing and worked on something else instead. Color me shocked when I received a request for the full manuscript. For the next two weeks I wrote during every free moment, and I sent off my story with trepidation. About a month later, I received a contract offer. I was so excited, and Scotty and I celebrated with a long walk!

I’m thrilled to release this story again. Alien Encounter: Janaya is a blend of contemporary and sci-fi romance, spiced with humor and a talking dog and wrapped up with a spiffy small country town bow. I hope readers enjoy the characters just as much as I loved writing them/

Shelley lives in New Zealand with her husband.

Typical New Zealanders, Shelley and her husband left home for their big OE soon after they married (translation of New Zealand speak – big overseas experience). A year long adventure lengthened to six years of roaming the world. Enduring memories include being almost sat on by a mountain gorilla in Rwanda, lazing on white sandy beaches in India, whale watching in Alaska, searching for leprechauns in Ireland, and dealing with ghosts in an English pub.

While travel is still a big attraction, these days Shelley is most likely found in front of her computer following another love – that of writing stories of romance and adventure. Other interests include watching rugby and rugby league (strictly for research purposes), and curling up with a good book.

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Shelley is actually in the middle of the ocean on a cruise right now but she's left a giveaway for yall while she's away. Just leave a comment to enter for an ecopy of Janaya!

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