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In My Cart Review: a little bit of everything...

So! A little different post today. A bit back Mary from over at Dark Thoughts got me curious about a couple product review programs she takes part in and I thought...sure! Sign me up! So I joined Influenster and BzzAgent and a couple other spots to get different products to try out and share my thoughts on. I figured I'd do some "group" posts on here once a month or so for different products.

Today a few from the #ModaVoxBox. I actually got this a long while back and reviewed it on another blog but figured I'd post them here too :)

It came will all kinds of goodies from lotion to water to makeup and tissues.

And I liked most of them too!

Check out the bits and pieces below for a little more on each :D

Simply Cocoa by Swiss Miss 

Type: Beverage
Cost: reasonable (1.28 per box at my store)
Rating: 4 stars

I love hot chocolate. I'm really quite the hot chocolate snob actually. I started making Nutella Hot Chocolate a couple years back and that's pretty much all I'll drink these days. Powdered hot chocolates usually just aren't rich enough for me. But! Simply Cocoa was actually really good! Since I don't drink regular milk anymore I made it with Almond Milk (so it had a slightly nutty flavor) and it was delicious! I heated the milk first then poured in the cocoa. A little dollop of whipped cream and I was ready to go. It was perfect for a cold winter's night tucked in bed reading. We hit 30 that night I think. My only complaint (and maybe this was because of using almond milk) was that there was a bit of separation of milk and cocoa. not bad or anything just you know how it gets a darker layer on the very top and bottom with the powdered cocoas? So a little off for that but not much. Overall it was a nice cocoa experience. Rich and tasty. Herd Babe Franny agreed. She fought me hard for a little sip. 

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Resource Natural Spring Water w/ Electrolytes

Type: Beverage
Cost: A bit pricy
Rating: 3 out of 5

This was actually pretty good. It's a nice sized bottle and I liked the design of it. I took this out with me while I was working in the yard pulling weeds and doing some planting around the front steps. It had a slightly off flavor when luke warm but was very crisp and tasted great when chilled. It didn't have that kinda odd aftertaste like it did when lukewarm. So. Overall...not bad even if it goes a little new age-y with the whole "holistic way to hydrate your body, nourish your mind and sustain your soul." bit on the bottle. Herms. Okay now. *raises right eyebrow* That...was a little weird. But, if it was put in front of me again... I'd drink it. Did the trick and quenched my thirst.

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Puffs SoftPack

Type: Toiletries
Cost: Very reasonable (about 1.60 per pack)
Rating: 5 out of 5

Yay Puffs! This was just a fabulous idea on their side. Regular sized Puffs in a soft flexible package! Everything about these are great. The tissue itself is soft, the packaging has a funky fun pattern--and there are multiple choices in design just like their hard packs, and they're flexible! I love that. The soft packaging makes them easy to pop in a tote bag for traveling or in the glove box compared the the regular hard cardboard packages that are always just a bit too big for wherever you need them to go. These were a total win and I'd buy them in a heart beat. Baby G approved of them as well. *nods*

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Hair Food

Type: Hair Care
Cost: A little pricey $12-ish. But worth it.
Rating: 3.5

I actually really loved Hair Food. It smells INCREDIBLE and is in a pretty container. And it worked great. My hair was pretty dang shiny and smooth and felt amazing after using it. Why it wasn't rated higher had to do with the directions which were terrible. They didn't say how long to leave it in or how much to use or anything very helpful for those of us who have maybe never used this type of product before. Some trial and error helped though. My 2nd round was when it worked and won me over. First time I didn't use enough or leave it in long enough. But overall. Loves! I'll buy this again when my tube runs out.
Amazon | Target
Jergens Ultra Healing

Type: Skin Care
Rating: 4 out of 5

I'm a Jergens fan. The Ultra Healing was nice. I don't know that it totally cleared up my dry skin. My feet in Winter were about to cry uncle. But it went on smooth and light and felt good and I think it did help. I liked the cute little bottle too. Yes. I know. I'm one of *those* girls that buys things because they're cute. Don't care. Makes me happeh :D I'll buy this one again no probs.
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Rimmel London--Lipstick/Lip Liner

Type: Makeup
Rating: 2 out of 5

I'm more of a chapstick kind of girl but I do wear lipstick now and again. I've actually tried this brand and liked it. This time I was sent a Nude lipstick and lip liner. Now. I don't really have a use for lip liner personally so that was a bit of a waste on me. I tried it. Didn't see that it did...anything. The lipstick itself felt nice. It's not too heavy when on which I appreciate. But...Nude? Yeah. That is SO not my color. I felt like I was in a zombie movie or something and had just been killed off. I need red or a darker color of some sort. So not one I'll be wearing again unless it's for Halloween. Ah well.
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Type: Toiletries
Cost: Not bad--$2.50ish at my store
Rating: 4 stars

Okay, so I never use gel deotorants. I've always just gone for a solid. So this...was a little different for me. I got it via BzzAgent to give a go. And it was interesting. I've actually been liking it--once I got used to the initial whew it's cold and wet!--sensation. lol It does dry quickly and you don't need a lot at least. It was very clear after drying which my tops appreciated. A lot of times the solid "clear dry" ones still leave white for me. And it's strong. I did some moving while wearing it and after a while it was still in top shape. It was very fragrant and that I didn't love because it was a touch too girly floral for my tastes. I had the Completely Clean scent. I do want to try some of the other scents I think. The Paris one really caught my eye. Even with that it wasn't a bad experience and I wear it every couple days depending on my mood.

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Sooo.. have you tried any of these products or brands? 
Do you review products other than books?

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