Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Monthly Herd--May 2015--a near loss, blogging ahead and reading hell...

Whew. Boy! May was a doozey. Both on the home front and the blog front. 

I've gone through a horrible reading spell the last 2-ish weeks. I read more DNF, 1 star and 2 star books than I do normally in 8-10 months. It's been so frustrating and had me near tears because I WANT to read but had just shit luck in picking out review books recently. It didn't seem to matter though what I did. Changing genres, reading favorite or new to me authors, just for fun books or review books. And it was all stuff that would normally piss me off (cheating, hate towards romance readers, cliffhangers, etc) so not just my mood. Just very bad luck picking books. I'm thinking I've finally broken out of it but it made May reading an absolute bitch.

Everything else on the blog went fine though. Busy as normal. Hosted Blog Ahead and a big hop event I was nervous about but think did well. 

On the home front I've been working hard in the yard and yall know I do NOT like nature. So...yeah. Lots of chocolate to compensate. lol Then this weekend had a huge scare with a herd babe. Woke up from a nap on the couch to lots of banging and found one of the girls thrashing in the hallway unable to stand. Turned out she'd had a hairball and it got stuck in her throat and she couldn't breath. I had NO idea that was even possible. Scared the shit out of me but as soon as I cleared her airway she bounced back after a couple hours of heavy breathing. She's perfectly fine now and like nothing ever happened. Me...still hovering and fretting and a bit shakey. Everyone else is fine though. Whew! But what a way to close out May! Anyways. On to the recap...

Well. Semi-new! lol We hosted our first mini-Blog Ahead challenge in May.
This will happen every May and be a half challenge of the Oct event.
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Authors!! We need your help! The auction kicks off in just around 3 weeks and we need donations! 
If you have signed books or other items you'd like to donate please let me know!
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Total Books: 18
New to Me authors: 7
For challenges: 18

Vanessa Kelly-- Who's behind VK Sykes
Interview w/ Lia Davis
Interview w/ Deeanne Gist
Spotlight/Feature w/ M. Limoges

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