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#CountdownToChristmas--A Bad Boy for Christmas (Second Chance #3) by Jessica Lemmon

Best Christmas book I've read all year! A Bad Boy for Christmas was everything. Heartfelt, sexy, full of humor and good friends, falling in love with all it's yummy bits and pieces. Holidays, family, make you sign sweetness and lots and lots of dessert. Total win from page one to the very last word.

The quick of it is that Faith is over men. <and whew I can't blame her. her ex was a> And this is a problem for Connor since he totally has a thing for her and wants to get real close to her. A couple scary movies with the girls and a creepy noise outside her door and BOOM! he's got his chance and is totally taking it. He's gonna stick to her like know...just in case there really is danger a brewing :D

"What do you usually do in the evening?" He was still staring at her, his mouth kicked up into a small smile on one side. He was also still rubbing his lip with his finger which was beyond distracting.

"" She jerked her eyes away from his mouth and looked down at her glass. "I usually drink a glass of wine, watch some television, and then take a bath." When he was silent for too long, she looked up at him again.

"I am down with that plan." His small smile widened into a grin.

She allowed herself a smile. "You are not following me into the bathroom. You can protect me from out here."

He leaned farther into the corner of her couch, looking totally at east. "I'm not sure about that." His grin persisted and she felt her head shake.
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I would be ALL over Connor. OMG. Can I please have one of him for Christmas??! Everything about this guy was delicious. He's got the sexy swagger. He's got the ghosts from his past haunting him. He's got a kind hand and gentle touch. He's funny and sweet and omg every time he kissed her temple my knees went a little weak. I was having a total lust fest over Connor. I sure was. lol

And Faith (aka Cupcake) was a fantastic heroine too. I could totally be friends with her and bond over the love of sweet treats. She ran a little bit too hard now and again and I wanted to shake her for it because...seriously...Connor! but she was fun, sweet and could be a little naughty with him which was delightful.

The chemistry was so hot it could melt snow! Yeah. These two were amazing together. When they were getting along, when he was driving her crazy hounding her steps (again in case of danger!), when they were working together, playing together and especially when they found themselves all snowbound for the holidays. Noms! They were just on fire and the banter and looks between them steamy fun.
 "I had no idea this place was equipped with a hot tub," she told him now.

"Got it up and running a while back. All I had to do was slip out here and turn up the heat. Then get you to join me."

"I thought you meant sex. This might be better."

He opened his eyes to slits and took her in. Steam lifted into the air between them. "Wait'll we have sex in here. That's next. But first, recovery. You wear me out."

"Me? I don't have any oomph left in me after that session."

"Waiting for a 'no'," he said, his eyes sinking shut again.

"I'm serious. I'm spent."

"Still not a no."

Dammit. He was right. Because she wouldn't say no to what he was offering.

"Fine, but give me a minute or ten."

"Take ten, Cupcake. I'm in no hurry."
If you only read one Christmas romance this year...make it A Bad Boy for Christmas. It'll sweep you away and leave you smiling, sighing and totally satisfied. This was Lemmon at her absolute best! The romance, the characters, the magic of the'll stick with you for all the right reasons.

Do you have a favorite from Lemmon?
Any cheeky heroes you just can't get enough of?
or favorite snowed in stories?

Connor McClain knows what he wants. And after four harrowing years in Afghanistan, that's a quiet life in the lakeside town of Evergreen Cove. But coming home has land mines of its own-the most dangerous of them being long-legged bombshell Faith Garrett. Now getting her into his arms this holiday is going to require more than mistletoe . . .

With a cheating ex behind her, all Faith wants is a relaxing holiday free from man drama. And even though every moment with gorgeous Connor is a sweet temptation, Faith is determined not to give in. But Jack Frost has other plans, and soon Faith and Connor are snowbound in a winter wonderland with only the sparks flying between them to keep them warm. As one hot kiss leads to another, they'll have to decide if they're ready to give each other the best gift of all-love.

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