Saturday, October 3, 2015

Randomly Random-- My "Pajama" Authors

Pajama Authors.

There are some authors that are like your favorite pair of comfy pajamas. They just make you want to snuggle down, give a happy sigh and bask a little because they feel so good. Pajama Authors.

I've got a few of them. When I grab up their books I instantly feel comfortable no matter the subject, the characters, the world they've created. I have that soul deep sigh like I've found my way back home for just a little while. It's such a good feeling. They're more than just favorite authors. I've got dozens of those (yay!). These ladies give a an extra special little ping of home and comfort and soothe the soul that really sets them apart.

So. Who are my Pajama Authors?

Jill Shalvis (my reviews)

She's like my green monkey pjs. Or the shimmery cherries on hot blue ones. Maybe the superwoman pjas. Cheeky, light hearted, cant keep a smile off your face good.
Just the best contemporaries. Hilarious and endearing and such fun characters. Sexy heroes, sassy heroines. I can totally see being friends with all of them. I WANT to be friends with all of them. lol 

Roni Loren (my reviews)

Hrms. You know. Loren would be my favorite ancient grey pjs that have been through everything. Paint splatters, cat claws, a little rip here or there. They're the ones I want to grab when I want to get a little dirty. :D When I'm not trying to impress anyone and just 
If I was gonna get my kink would so be in one of Loren's books. I would seriously LOVE to visit the Ranch. They're just gloriously kinky dirty fun and the characters have that open honest vibe and are so damn welcoming and embracing of all things...different. What I love about these is even when the couple (or trio) is into something I'm not I'm still totally wrapped up in what they're up to and all on board going hmmm...mebbe.

JD Robb (my reviews)

Alright. Robb would totally be my black pjs with white polka dots and a tiny bit of lace trim. They remind me of Eve. Proper, no-nonsense but then a tiny bit of `fancy frill in there too (even if it is Roarke's doing) The best of all worlds and suitable for all occasions :D
Eve, Roarke, everyone they work with. I swear. I know these characters better than a lot of people in my actual real life world. And...I'm okay with that. I like em more too! lol This is a long series but I've loved every one of the books. Loved getting to know this group of characters, seeing them change over the years, seeing their strengths and foibles come out. You could easily be at home with them.

If these ladies write it...I'm gonna read it. They're the ones I grab when I'm feeling down, when I'm celebrating, when I finally have time for a "free read" in the midst of my review commitments. When I'm having a reading slump or just can't decide on a next read. They're who I go to time and time again. They never fail and always give the warm fuzzies.

So. Who are YOUR pajama authors?

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