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Rock the Blog: SEO, Photo tagging & Blogger

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Since I'm based on Blogger most posts will revolve around the Blogger platform though some ideas may apply to Wordpress as well.

Hey guys! We've actually got a guest blogger today! Yall have seen her here before :) Sharon from I Smell Sheep. We got together at a book signing a couple months back and got to talking about blog stuff..naturally. lol One of the things was SEO (something that makes my eyes boggle!) and tada! Sharon is here to talk to you about it :D This is basically a way to up your rankings and chances of finding you based on search engines and such. Anyways. Passing off to Sharon. Yall check it out and hit those comments! ~Anna

SEO with Sharon...

You could be missing out on two important chances for SEO in your Blogger platform posts!
1. Adding a search description.
2. Adding tags to your images.

Search Description

This is what you see when staring a post in Blogger. Click on the Search Description feature. Copy and paste your title into the box and click Done.

Tagging images

Search engines not only looks for text, they look for images. Whenever you google images (like a book cover) where do you think they come from? If you tag your images they will show up in image searches anyone does. If someone googles paranormal romance covers it would be great if an image from your blog is in the results.

Once you have inserted an image into your post, click on the image. You get a menu of options. You want to click on “properties”

Image Properties box opens. For the Title Text you just give your image a descriptive “title” mine is “Image of Sharon Stogner from I Smell Sheep”

Next you add search words for your image. Separate by commas and don’t do more than four if you can help it.

Click Done.

This is what you should have when done. All you need to do now is hit publish!

BOOM! That's Sharon's tip for the day :D 
Do you tag your photos? I had no idea how or why it was done. I totally do it now though :D ~anna

Sharon is the co-creator of the I Smell Sheep website. A quirky multi-media review site of Speculative Fiction that also provides author/actor guest posts, interviews, convention coverage and other WTF-ery. She is also a freelance editor specializing in content and line editing ( Born and raised in NC she currently lives in the triad area with her husband and their two daughters. She has a BS in Biology from UNC and a masters in Microbiology from NCSU. She loves dark urban fantasy in any medium, spaghetti and is way cooler online. 

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