Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I've seen a few blogs incorporate Instagram into their blogs and yay so fun! 
(sorry yall I can't remember who all does that!) 
I love playing on Instagram and thought I'd bring that over to the blog each Wednesday.
So...the herd's week ala Instagram!

#HerdFoster was desperate for attention.
He'd throw himself over, watch me while upside down, & kneed the air with that paw. lol

Finishing up my read and heading to Lady Jane's for the night
(with only one hand painted because someone maybe didn't factor in drying time in. Oops!)

Hurricane prep...done! Bring it on Mother Nature! Im ready! 

#BabyG has had enough of the rain.

Woohoo! I got some Tessa Bailey swag!
Love her dirty talkers. Anyone else love her books??

Its like they think its cold...or something. lol
#SouthernCats #55degrees #SaturdaySnuggles #ImUnderThereSomewhere

The icky weather this week has us going a little stir crazy and silly...

The cute that is my herd. Gotta look close but baby 2 is hugging baby 1 as they snuggle-sleep. 
That's her little paw peeking out from under them. And cue the awwws. lol

Woohoo! I got a new tv tonight. First in like 7 years or so. 
All hooked up to my amazon streaming too. Yay!
I never buy just for fun totally frivolous things for me so it was a big treat :)



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