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Quote-tastic/Review-- I'll cuddle you so hard! --The Billionaire Takes a Bride by Jessica Clare

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I've really been enjoying Clare's billionaire series. They're fun, sexy and have quite a bit of depth too. Alright so this first quote (yes I suck and picked three this week!) had me snorting. I so want a friend like Gretchen <wink>

"Come on," Gretchen said, tugging Chelsea down the street. "I see that rage-face you're making, and you know what would fix that?"


"Well, I was going to say 'handcuffs at the sex store' but I'm down with chocolate." Gretchen brightened and steered her toward a bakery.
So. The trope in this one is one of my favorites. Chelsea and Sebastian end up doing the whole fake relationship thing to survive a wedding and all the parties leading up to it. I get such a kick out of the random things used for naughty bits so this one had me chuckling...
"Want me to put an arm around you so we can be each other's Safety Date?"

She slid her hand around his waist and looped her fingers into one of his belt loops. "That sounds incredible. Thank you, Sebastian."

"Hey, I benefit, too. The last thing I want is Sexy Cookie Monster showing up after three champagnes and wanting me to show her my Big Bird." 
There was a good bit of serious happening in this one but it was also lightened by some funny bits to help lighten the harder ones. 
"Can we go back to cuddling? I like that."

"We can cuddle so damn hard it'll wear a hole in the blankets."

She gave him a teary giggle at that, and moved to undo the handcuffs. "I don't think that's how you cuddle."

"Fuck it. We'll make our own rules. Just don't cry, all right?"

The Billionaire Takes a Bride (Billionaires and Bridesmaids, #3) 

Oh wow! Clare delivered a spectacular romance that had me completely invested and rooting so hard for these two to find love, passion and healing. I was expecting a fun light hearted read. A little fluffy sexy romp. And I totally got some of that--yay! But there was so much more, too, as Sebastian and Chelsea become each other's safety dates to survive the ordeal of a friend's wedding and found so more than either was looking for or ever expected.

man candy, hot guys, men in suits, sexy menThe quick of it is that Sebastian and Chelsea have been paired up as bridesmaid and groomsman for a wedding they're both attending. And it's a BIG wedding with a year of events leading up to it and lord help em it's gonna crack em. Everyone is in match making mode and these two...NOT on board with it. So...they strike up a deal. They're gonna be each other's "Safety Dates" and pretend they're a thing so people will 

These two. Yall. Gah they about did me in. I adored them both down to their toes! Chelsea is a cheerful roller derby badass that's hiding some deep down fears and she just made me ache. I loved everything about her and how strong she was even if SHE couldn't see her own strength. She was fun, sweet, broken, a survivor and a fighter. And Sebastian. This guy. He's what all men should be. He may be a little aimless in life but he's such a good man and was amazing with Chelsea and being there for her when she desperately needed someone to help her find peace.

This one does have some triggery issues. Chelsea was raped years earlier and she's still very much dealing with the trauma and fear. It's hard to watch her terror when it overtakes her, see her struggling with being intimate with someone again, healing and falling in love. But it was also amazing seeing her work through things with Sebastian. Seeing him with her and how much he cherished her and was there for her no matter how "broken" she felt.

The Billionaire Takes a Bride was just a lovely story. Beautiful, heartbreaking, full of hope and sweetness. Clare simply wowed. I enjoyed every second of these two as they dealt with family, friends, their lives unexpectedly changing and all of the wonderful things that brought them.

Do you have a favorite from Clare?
Ever read about a Derby Girl?

contemporary romance, billionaires, derby girl, roller derby
Billionaire Sebastian Cabral loves his family, he just doesn’t love their reality TV show, The Cabral Empire. So when his ex-girlfriend tries to rekindle their relationship on camera, Sebastian decides that drastic measures are in order.

By day, Chelsea Hall is a happy-go-lucky, rough and tumble roller derby skater. By night, she’s still living in fear of her past. Most of all, she just doesn’t want to be alone. And she really, really doesn’t want to date.

So when their mutual friends’ upcoming wedding turns Chelsea and Sebastian into fast friends, they realize they can solve both of their problems with one life-changing lie: a quick trip down the aisle.

But with one kiss, Chelsea and Sebastian suddenly realize that their pretend relationship is more real than either of them expected…

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