Sunday, October 11, 2015

Word from the Herd: Well that's Awkward-- Reader/Author Friendship and an Unfavorable Review

With social media and book conventions friendships between readers/bloggers and authors are pretty common these days. But sometimes. Whew. Sometimes...the happens.

A not so favorable review happens.

It's bound to happen. Even with favorite authors.

It's hard separating the different aspects of these type of relationships sometimes.
Trying to keep the professional side honest without hurting a friendship or feelings.
Or even future interactions on the professional front.

You're friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Maybe even in the same reader groups or book clubs. And now you've gotten into a sticky spot because a book just didn't work for you. And you still need to review that sucker.

I've had it happen a few times this year.
Most were just 3 stars...which is still a good thing. But I had issues with the reads and explained that.
One though was a 1 star read and, whew, it had me feeling angry! (I loved the next book though)

And I left those reviews.

I still love the authors. I still love their books overall but for whatever reason one didn't work for me. 

And I always feel a little awkward for a while after that happens and we're in a group together or at an event together. Even worse when putting together a future event and wanting to include them (because I really do love their books and want to support them) but worrying about how they'll feel over that negative review from the past. Will they hold it against me? Are they okay still being friends? Or work together again? And if they aren't...

I don't know. It's a touchy spot to be in on both sides, right?

I know I've shied away from inviting some onto the blog after having a book not work for me. And it makes me sad that it makes me nervous over asking. I tend to keep social media interactions light too. I do have a lot of author friends but I notice as a whole I tend to review their books less and less. Which sucks too! Because I love their books. But it feels weird sometimes reading/reviewing after getting to know them. lol Does that happen to anyone else? Or am I just a nut? I mean, I know I am but... lol

Readers/Bloggers: Have you ever lost an author friend over a review or been in that ahh awkward spot? How do you handle it?

Authors: What about yall? How do you handle it? Are you able to brush it off and move on or does it stick with ya?

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