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Interview w/ Jennifer Faye- Cookies, Cupcakes & Make You Swoon Heroes...

Hey guys! Jennifer Faye is joining us today to talk about her newest...A Moment on the Lips. A Bakery owner. A coffee shop guy. I mean. There's yums all over the place with these two. Anywho. Come check out our chat then hit the comments and leave her some love! ~anna

Morning, Jennifer! Welcome to herding cats! I'm feeling oh so tempted for a cupcake so come on in and we'll nosh while we have a little book gossip :)
Oh good! I love cupcakes. And you know what? When you’re all grown up, you can have them for breakfast. Hey, there have to be some perks to being an adult. ;-)
*polishes off her first cupcake* Score one for being grown! lol Alright. A Moment on the Lips. If you had the time it takes to eat a cookie, you know, 10 seconds, to hook someone what would you tell them about these two and their story?
The girl-next-door goes toe-to-toe with the new man in town who has a secret past, but add one ornery puppy and a few chocolate cupcakes and you’ve got the recipe for a sweet romance.
Aw I like that! Can you tell us 3 behind the scenes facts about A Moment on the Lips?
Piper’s comfort food is mocha chocolate cherry cupcakes. It was so hard writing her story as I had cravings for cupcakes and bear claws throughout the whole book. ;-) 
Joe exercises every day keeping his six-pack abs and tone legs 
There’s an adorable chocolate lab in A MOMENT ON THE LIPS. His name is Java and he has his picture on the back cover.
Aws love those labs. What a cutie. Now, what was your favorite moment or quote that just made you swoon or had you gigglesnorting or sighing in girly bliss or hanging your head at these two?
One of my favorite moments is right in the beginning. Piper’s mother is all superficial and always worried about appearances. She’s lecturing Piper about losing a few pounds when Joe walks in the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery for the very first time.
“Remember, dear, a moment on the lips but a lifetime on the hips.” Her mother clucked her tongue. “If only you’d show some self-restraint, you’d lose the pounds. You could be so pretty—”

Behind them, a throat cleared.

Piper turned, her gaze landing first on a pair of cowboy boots. A pair of faded jeans and a large silver belt buckle nestled against flat abs. A breath fluttered in her chest. Her gaze rose up over a muscled chest that strained against a navy blue T-shirt. When her gaze reached the man’s tanned face, she was surprised to find that she didn’t recognize him. These days, Whistle Stop didn’t get many visitors—although there were plans in the works to change that sad fact.

So, where in the world had this stranger come from? And why hadn’t the bell above the front door chimed upon his arrival? And then a horrid thought struck her—had he overheard her mother’s lecture?

The intensity of his warm gaze made her heart thump and Piper’s palms grow moist. He might not be one of her regulars, but with his short brown hair, bronze features, and solid build, he was welcome to stop by any time. The more she looked at him, the more she felt as though she should know him. But she couldn’t place the face.

At last regaining her ability to speak, she said. “Welcome to Poppin’ Fresh. What can I get you?”

“I was hoping I could speak with the owner.” He stepped closer to the display case.

“That would be me. I’ll be right with you.” Piper turned back to her mother.

“By the way, I disagree.” The stranger spoke in deep, rich tones.

Confused, Piper faced the man again. “Excuse me?”

“I think you’re pretty just the way you are.” His voice was noticeably raised—loud enough for her mother to hear.
Right there, he won me over. :-)
Awww I'm already smitten. If these two had 24 hours to do...anything or go anywhere what would they get up to?
They are always so busy with their own businesses and helping others that if they had 24 hours off, they’d hide away in their apartment and never get out of bed except for food. ;)
LOL with him as my hero I'd probably do just that! Smart girl! What's the first thing that pops into your head about  Piper? What about Joe?
Piper doesn’t only create sweets, she is sweet but not a pushover.
Joe is tall, dark and stubborn…to his own detriment at times.
What would Joe's perfect hit all...the...right...spots...cup o' joe be? (I couldn't help it!)
Caramel Macchiato. He’s intense like espresso, but when you get past his defenses, you find that he has a sweet center like caramel. ;-)
Heh Yeah I totally need him in my life. <grins> Piper's all about the tasty treat. <me too!> Any mouth watering recipes she'd share with everyone?
One of Piper’s most popular items are her giant chocolate chip cookies. Boys and girls of all ages crave them. ;-) 
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies (makes approx. 18):
2 ¼ cups flour
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
1 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
1 jumbo egg + 1 egg yolk
2 tsp vanilla
1 ½ cups dark chocolate chips
½ tsp cinnamon
  • Preheat oven to 325°
  • Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  • Whip butter. 
  • Add eggs and mix. 
  • Add vanilla, cinnamon, salt, baking soda. Mix.
  • Add brown sugar. Mix.
  • Add flour in small portions, mixing between each addition.
  • Hand mix in the chocolate chips.
  • Using a ¼ cup measuring cup, scoop out dough. Pull the dough ball in half. With the uneven surface facing upward, press the halves back together at the base. Place on lined tray. Make sure to leave plenty of room for each cookie.
  • Bake approximately 18 minutes or until lightly browned.
Oh man. I need a cookie now. Gah! <must distract myself> oh oh! The herd would be totally miffed if I didn't ask after your herd babes. Do they oversee your writing? We'd love to hear about them!
Thanks for inquiring about them. Writer Kitty is all about me writing. She lies on my legs and holds me in place until I have my word count done for the day. She really gets cranky when I have to get up for a tea refill. She just doesn’t understand my need for caffeine. ;-) But sometimes she needs some loving and that’s when she attempts to finish my typing for the day. I’ve had to delete some interesting text. So if you find any strange words in any of my books, they are Writer Kitty’s input. ;-)
And when Writer Kitty is off duty, she likes to catch some rays and work on her tan.
Awwws #WriterKitty is adorable! She'd get along great with #BabyG. She loves to type too!

Favorite Man Candy?
Oh boy, there’s a lot to choose from like Aidan Turner in Poldark or how about Chace Crawford in the new Blood and Oil series? I’ve only checked out the pilot episode but it certainly left off with an intriguing hook…
Oh I'm gonna have to check that one out. Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
What’s weird is that my purse is almost empty. Honest. I cleaned it out this summer to go on vacation and somehow, some way it stayed that way. Usually it’s a catch all for everything that I have no clue what to do with while I’m out and about. ;-)
LOL I need to learn from you! Best "burning soup" moment?
We just bought a new stove—long overdue. It’s one of those beautiful ceramic cooktops. So of course I’m all nervous because I’ve heard stories of how easily they break. The very first night I’m cooking on it, it’s real late and I go for something easy for a late dinner—instant potatoes. I put the pan of water, milk and butter on the stove. It won’t boil. Adjust temperature. It won’t boil. Frown at it. I turned to the sink to drain something and the next thing I hear is splash, sizzle, sizzle. I screamed in horror. My poor husband comes running into the kitchen full speed expecting I either cut off a finger or burned myself. Thankfully neither were true. But my poor stove was a mess. Thankfully someone clued us in about the ceramic cleaner. The next day there was a trip to the store and the stove was restored to its former glory. *shakes head*
::snorts:: I may have broken one of those before. Maybe. Possibly. Erm, I'm completely obsessed with?
At this time of the year with the temperatures dipping and the leaves changing colors, I’m completely obsessed with soup. It’s awesome, especially on a chilly, rainy night. I’d have it all of the time if my family wouldn’t protest. ;-) One of my favorites is Stuffed Pepper Soup. Yum!!! And I shared the recipe in the upcoming release of WE’D RATHER BE WRITING: 88 Authors Share Timesaving Dinner Recipes and Other Tips. 
Cooking often takes up a huge chunk of time. In We’d Rather Be Writing: 88 Authors Share Timesaving Dinner Recipes and Other Tips you’ll find easy, nutritious recipes for meat, poultry, pasta, soup, stew, chili, and vegetarian meals. All of the recipes require a minimum of prep time, freeing you up to read, exercise, garden, craft, write, spend more time with family, or whatever.
Yay for some veggie ones being included. Love those easy quick recipes :D Favorite non-readery/writerly activity?
Fine needlework. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. My grandmother taught me when I was just three years old. I was very insistent that I learn to do it. ;-) When I want to relax and unwind, I like to do embroidery, cross stitch, hardanger, crewel or needlepoint. Here’s some of what I accomplished this past year:

Those are gorgeous, Jennifer! What's your favorite word?
When writing a book it has been pointed out that my favorite word is ‘that’. LOL. I don’t notice it until I start looking for the word. It then becomes a search and destroy mission. LOL.
LOL I have a problem with just. lol Before you head out. What's up next for you?
Next up, wedding bells are about to ring out in Whistle Stop. And trust me, it won’t be your typical wedding. It will be done up in Whistle Stop style. ;-) And if that isn’t enough, there’s a mayoral election underway that’s about to become rather sticky and not from the honey fresh pastries at the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery either. ;-) For years now, Mayor Ortiz has run unopposed, but all of that is about to change. Mason Noble is about to toss his hat into the election. But will his political pursuits endanger his engagement to the beautiful Bella Nez? And are the townsfolk of Whistle Stop ready to do away with tradition? So many questions. So many changes. Keep an eye out for the fourth installment in the Whistle Stop series ~ A MOMENT TO CHERISH coming Spring 2016.
Sounds fun! Thanks so much for dropping in, Jennifer! Oh and be sure to snag another cupcake for the road!
Thanks so much for having me and my herd. We really enjoyed it and the cupcakes. ;-)

Hey guys! Just a quick heads up :) Book one is on sale right now for 99cents! It's linked down below!

Piper Noble feels like she's going places. Her business, the Poppin' Fresh Bakery, is a culinary success story. Next on her to-do list is expanding the bakery into the vacant shop next door...and starting a new diet, like her mom keeps nagging her to. But when Joe Montoya steps into her life, her grand plans grind to a sudden halt.

Joe's taken a big risk returning to Whistle Stop. But with his disastrous marriage over, it's time for a fresh start, including opening a coffee shop...and coming to terms with his troubled past. Though his neighbor Piper looks like she'll be a big distraction in getting Fill-It-Up Joe off the ground--with her honeyed smile, curvy goodness, and her unflagging determination to grab his storefront.

However, when Piper and Joe are elected as co-chairs of a fundraising committee to help the town's revitalization project, the hostilities must cease. Joe's not sure about spending time with a woman who, one moment, reminds him of all the good things he's been missing, and the next minute drives him up a wall with her stubbornness. Meanwhile, Piper's looking for the way to this gorgeous but grouchy guy's heart--maybe serving him one of her fresh-from-the-oven pastries could be just the right start...

Amazon | Goodreads

*covers link to Amazon

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had my nose buried in a book. I remember anxiously awaiting Santa to bring me a typewriter in order to write my first book. But before I could reach for my dreams, my life took a detour. I moved around a bit before settling into the position of statistician by day and wife/mother by night. Each new life adventure added fodder for my fertile imagination. Through it all I never lost sight of my dream.

I currently reside in Pennsylvania with my very patient husband, one amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter has flown the coop to chase her own dreams) and two spoiled rotten cats. When I’m not glued to my laptop (which isn’t often) or enjoying some family time, I like reading, cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, knitting, hockey (go Pittsburgh Penguins!), and gardening. 

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