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4 stars--Dragon on Top (Dragon Kin 0.4) by G.A. Aiken

paranormal, romance, dragons, shifters, g.a. aiken, shelly laurenston
Cocky, arrogant, snarky, blood-thirsty bastards! Gah, how I missed them! Dragon on Top was everything I love about the Dragon Kin. Action, adventure, some good lovin' and all with a gloriously snarky bite.

The quick of it is that Bram needs to visit another dragon sect to get a stack of paper signed and his queen has decided he needs a keeper for his trip and has tasked Ghlenna--one of her Captains--with making sure he gets there and back with all scales intact. Only problem? He's been totally in love with her since they were kids and she...pretty much has no idea he even exists. lol

Soooo. Bram--the peacekeeper-- and Ghlenna--the warrior dragon who has 300+ men under her command. Ahhh I loved them! They had fabulous banter, chemistry and were just fun together as they griped and flirted and dealt with their rulers, families and traveling across the country in both dragon and human form. They were hot together and so damn funny. Had some rocking sexy happening too.
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"Someone's following us."

"Aye. We know."

Surprised, Bram again looked at the brothers. Although they were still talking, they all had their hands on the closest weapon.

"You're not going to panic on me and run, are you, royal?"

"My, you do have a high opinion of me, Ghlenna. It's very heartwarming."

She laughed and shook her head. "No insult meant. Simply wanted to be sure I didn't need to chain you to me."

"To stop me from running away? Not necessary." Bram gave her a small smile. "However, if you find other reasons to chain me to you, feel free."

Ghlenna stumbled a bit. "Wait. What?"
I loved how different they were on the outside. She's a total warrior. Battle scarred, deadly, a bit rough around the edges and he's all about the books, trying to facilitate peace between all of the dragon clans, and getting lost in the world of words. They're both crazy dedicated and easily get caught up in what they're doing so really they were pretty perfect for each other.

All in all, Dragon On Top was a dragony-licious treat! It's a quick read but so fun to go along as Bram and Ghlenna and their group traveled about, gave each other hell, kick some dragon ass and a smitten dragon found his mate and finally got her to see him.

*this one was previously released in an anthology and just now releasing on it's own.

What's your favorite from Aiken?
Any amazing dragon books you just love?

shifters, dragons, romance, paranormal, g.a. aiken, shelly laurenston
I am Glheanna the Decimator. I am a warrior. A soldier. I know no fear. No pain. No mercy. I do, however, know acute embarrassment! How could I not after getting dumped by a bastard dragon in front of my own troops? So I tuck tail and return to my cave, drowning my sorrows in ale—as is my family’s way. But instead of leaving me to my misery, I’ve been summoned to the Dragon Queen’s court.

As if my life wasn’t pathetic enough, Her Majesty now has me escorting the highborn Bram the Merciful through dangerous territories—not exactly the best use of my military training. And just so he can negotiate with enemy dragons instead of battling them? Honestly, what has my world come to? Then again…Bram is quite easy on the eyes. And the perfect distraction for what ails me. Perhaps I’m looking at all this the wrong way. Maybe there is a place for a little “mercy” in my life…


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