Thursday, May 12, 2016

Audio Files-- {Irresistible Force by DD Ayres} & {Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs}

A couple fantastic audiobooks from my last few weeks of walking and cleaning. I enjoyed both of these quite a bit. And my first male narrator! LOVED him. Anywho. On to the reviews!

Irresistible Force (K-9 Rescue #1) by D.D. Ayres- 4 stars, 3 heat

The story:

Ooo! Now this was good! Irresistible Force totally swept me up in a rush of action and sexy romance. The quick of it is that James has been searching for his missing partner, a K-9 named Bogart, and he's finally found him! Only thing is...Shay swears the pooch is hers! He was turned over at a kill shelter and she adopted him. A little growly exchange and he's taking his partner home but something's niggling and taking another swing by Shay's house he's drawn into her life and a danger that's swirling about her.

I loved these two! And Bogart the pup! They're awesome people and so easy to like. James was just flat out sexy and lickable. I loved his relationship with his pup and seeing him with Shay. And she's crazy strong and working towards pulling her life together. They had crazy chemistry and dayum the sex scenes were insanely hot. Lots of yummy action in the bedroom and just as much outside the bedroom as they try to figure out a threat against Shay and what happened with Bogart's disappearance. It was ALL nicely done and kept me out walking longer than I would usually go since I just couldn't stop listening.

The Narration:

This was my first time listening to Jeffrey Kafer and I really enjoyed him. He's got a sexy voice that was just a little gravely and really did a nice job with all of the parts. I was seriously digging his sex scenes. Yeah. I really was. lol I was a little nervous about how he'd handle the female voices but, while not too feminine, they worked for me too. I did speed the playtime up to 1.5 but that's my typical setting when listening. I'll be listening to more of his narrations without question.

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Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7) by Patricia Briggs--4 stars, 2 heat

The Story:

OMG! Who steals a wolfpack?! I mean. Crazy fucking assholes but seriously! Whoa! Frost Burned was one action packed edge of your seat adventure as Mercy tries to figure out where the hell her Pack is and how to get them back...with the help of some vamps along the way. Whew boy! I loved every second of it.

Mercy is a phenomenal heroine. This lady. She's strong, fierce, compassionate, sassy. Everything you could hope for in a heroine. I totally want to be Mercy. lol I loved spending time with her and watching her take on the world to get her man and their people back. Adam continued to make me pant when he was in the scenes. There were a couple from his POV which is different. I don't recall having read any from his POV before. They just have an amazing romance and connection that gets me every time.

The action was intense. The bad guys...revolting. It's ugly and gory and painful in turns. There were some big change ups with the Pack and it wasn't always easy to listen to. But damn I love these guys and was glad to see them pull through. It had me itching for the next book.

The Narrator:

Another new to me narrator-- I know that'll happen for a while I'm sure. lol Lorelei King did a freaking awesome job with all of the voices. Mercy so sounded like Mercy--strong and fierce and with the exact right attitude-- and her Adam...growls. I loved that you could really tell a distinction between all of the many characters as well. This was the first of the series I 'read' in audio and about halfway through I was already putting myself on the waitlist at the library for the next audio. I did up the speed to 1.5 for this one as well.

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