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Quote-tastic/Review -- popping buttons? -- Completing the Pass by Jeanette Murray

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OMG you need this book. NEED this book! Completing the Pass was freaking fabulous and had me chuckling. So...a bunch of quotes today. Heh Okay so this first one...these two have known each other since they were babies and a look down memory lane...gah love the heroine.

"My most vivid memories have you in there somewhere."
"Maybe the bad memories."

"Not all. Like when the football team won state my junior year. I looked up in those stands..." He paused, his voice a little dreamy, remembering a simpler time. "Looking for my mom so I could do some corny thank you gesture, and there you were. Sitting beside her. For some reason, you caught my eye first, and I couldn't look away."

She blinked, not remembering the scene at all. Then he went on.

"There you were, in the stands, looking adorable while flipping me off from two hundred yards away. As if you knew I'd somehow manage to see you and you wanted to give me a parting gift before I got too excited."

She chuckled. That sounded much more like her.
 This one had me rolling. So damn funny. 
After letting her fumble for a moment, he sat up and ripped the whole thing over his head and flung it onto the floor.

"Well, that's one way to do it," she said dryly. "Guess you're not worried about popping buttons."

"I'm worried about popping something, but it has nothing to do with buttons." The second he said it, he winced. Carri burst into laughter. With his face hot from embarrassment, he yanked and tugged at her pants until they came free. "This," he said darkly, "is the problem with going to bed with someone you've seen have their diapers changed."

"Oh..Oh my God," she gasped, still laughing. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes to roll down her temples and into her hair. "That was so great. So unbelievably hilarious."

He'd show her great. Grabbing her ankles, he pulled her to the edge of the bed with a quick tug. She said over the comforter, still snorting with humor. When her butt was hanging delicately on the edge, she gave a whopping laugh.
This was Josh out with his two best friends he's known since high school. One is settled and married and the other a total manwhore. Though...I'm with him. Totally valid question. lol 
"Angie's pregnant," Derrick said lightly.

Both men stopped and stared at their friend, eyes wide. "What?" Josh asked.

"My wife," he said, as if they needed the reminder, taking another bite of pizza. He chewed a few times, then repeated, "Angie's pregnant."

"On purpose?" Tony asked. Josh kicked his shin under the table. "What? It seemed like a legit question."
One of the things I loved was that the heroine was into flipping houses and rehabbing buildings. Kick. Ass. Made me snort too. #ChicksWithPowerTools
"Drywall? Did you turn into a carpenter while I was gone?" (hero)

"Carpenters do wood. You make me sad, Leeman." (heroine)
Okay and one more for a little sweetness. <3 
"Please don't just be a footnote. Be the whole book with me."

Oh my gosh. Yall! These two were so much fun! Childhood frenemies. Meddling mamas. Sass, snark, squirm-worthy heat. Gah, yes! Completing the Pass was a total win.

The quick of it is that sometimes life is a bitch and the person you least want to help you weather the storms turns out to be the one person that's exactly what you need. So's the case for Carri and Josh. She's dealing with an ill father and having to uproot her life in another state to come home and help with him. And Josh is dealing with huge changes at work as he's suddenly pulled from second string quarterback to leading the team in the coming season. Stress galore and a desperate need for an escape kinda have them reconsidering all their past gripes with each other. Maybe. 

Seriously. I loved these two together. They revel in giving each other hell and throwing a good zing. They're fun and just made me laugh as they drove each other nutty and then had the horror of suddenly starting to feel something...nice about the other. lol There were some hilarious moments, some really sweet and whew the heat was delicious! They definitely have chemistry and all that snarky sassiness flying between them so translated to yummy things once they hit the sheets.

I liked them as people too and getting to see them on their jobs and dealing with real life. Time on the field with the other footballers and learning how to deal with the media and fans suddenly turning all eyes on Josh. And with Carri struggling between needing/wanting to be home to help with her dad but also needing to be home and dealing with the life she'd created in another state--I totally related to that since I've had that battle before. It all really brought their characters to life and gave them a well rounded feel.

I really loved that they were there for each other when life really got hard. There's a lot of light hearted fun in this one but there's also some pretty serious stuff on the home front and I just loved them as they fought to survive it all.

All in all...yes! Murray did it again. Hilarious, heart warming and make-you-fan-yourself hot! Bring on the next!
When the Bobcats’ fate on the field is sealed, and they would rather give their starting quarterback, Trey Owens, a break, they call in Josh Leeman: “The Backup.” But after Trey is placed on the disabled list for the season, all eyes are on Josh to lead the team. Josh’s sudden superstar status thrusts him into the spotlight, and garners plenty of attention from the ladies—except for one.

Carrington Gray is delighted to see her father released from the hospital—but not so much to see Josh at the celebration. Their mothers have long tried to set them up, although it’s had the opposite effect. But under the circumstances, Carri and Josh would rather go on fake dates to appease their mothers than rock the boat. Yet the more time these two work together on their little lie, the more they see the surprising truth . . .

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