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4 stars-- Kill or Be Kilt (Highland Spies #3) by Victoria Roberts

Grumpy, growly Highlanders and smart, sassy English Ladies. Gah this series! I just love it. It's been such fun watching the English Walsingham sisters invade Scotland and send the lives of so many Highlanders spinning. Kill or Be Kilt was utterly charming and deliciously entertaining!

The quick of it is that Ian is basically facing what he considers hell. It's time for the yearly check in with the English King and Ian and his fellow Lairds are having to leave Scotland and make their way to Court. Bad enough on it's own but this time he's going to face one of his greatest fears as well... Lady Elizabeth. The sister-in-law of another Laird who has been smitten with him since she was 15 years old and wasn't one bit shy about letting that be known. Trying times are definitely ahead especially when he realizes she's no longer a child but every inch the desirable woman and there's something hinky happening at Court and her family may very well be involved. Oy!

I loved these two! Ian. Poor sod. He just cannot get anything right. He's a good bit older than Elizabeth--nearly 16 years-- and is brilliant when it comes to defending what's his but when faced with a smitten young lady? Yeah. Total blunder. lol He's unruly and maybe not the handsomest of faces and, again, no skills when it comes to wooing the ladies...but I just adored him and his bumbles. He's got a fierce protective streak and even though he's this huge bruiser he's got a very sweet, gentle side as well. Yeah. I totally got being smitten with Ian.

And then there's Elizabeth. She's only 18 but whew boy the chickie knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to tell these Lairds what's what. I loved her fire and spirit and that she saw something in Ian that others didn't (including himself).

The two were an absolute trip. She's bright and shiny and he's, well, not. lol It was so fun watching them deal with each other and him trying to resist the temptation she presented. They had fantastic chemistry and while things took a while to get full out heated they did get there. They had that spicy sweet thing going which made for such a fun courtship of sorts.
"Thank ye."

"For what may I ask? she asked.

"Agreeing to be mine."

She smiled. I will always be yours, Ian."
And Court. Whew! I loved it! It was hilarious watching the Lairds and their disdain for all things English and how badly they handled being forced to endure day upon day of Englishmen and all their dainty ways. The guys were a hoot as they followed Elizabeth around as she experienced it all from dancing to jousts to the gardens and libraries.

Add in the intrigue of the King's advisers being killed off, keeping suitors at bay, family secrets being unraveled...yeah they definitely had their hands full. I was able to guess the villains and such early on but it was still fun watching it all unfold.

All in all, Kill or Be Kilt was one heck of a time. Sweet, sexy, funny and a little had it all. And that cover! So Ian!

Lady Elizabeth Walsingham pined after the same man for years. When she finally realizes the brawny Highland laird doesn't return her feelings, she decides to leave for London and start anew. It seems that her prayers are answered when she catches the eye of a charming actor at the Globe Theatre - a man who is the complete opposite of the Highlander she once loved.

Laird Ian Monroe spends his time avoiding the bothersome young girl who dreams of their union. But when he travels to London and discovers that she has a new love interest with a dishonorable agenda, his perspective changes. Ian soon realizes that Elizabeth is no longer a child with a crush, but a beautiful woman in need of his help. He may have what it takes to rescue Elizabeth from her scheming beau, but does he have the courage to reclaim Elizabeth's heart as well?

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