Friday, May 20, 2016

Randomly Random-- So I was laying in bed...

The other night I was laying in bed and for some reason I was thinking about all the stuff in the house and I was like hmmm I wonder what item in this house I've had the longest and still use. Not just the oldest item but been with me the longest and like I said still used.

And you know what I came up with?

My Simpsons sheet.

Because I am elegant and full of classy goodness.


Horrifying enough my Simpsons sheet is now old enough to legally drink.


It's 21 years old.

And I'm all snuggled in it right now.

It's not even a big sheet. It's a twin sized flat sheet.

I love the damn thing. It's so soft at this point and, yeah, okay you can almost see through it.

But I'm okay with that.

And I kept laying there in the middle of the night thinking through each room and all the stuff and trying to come up with anything else I've had and used for remotely as long and...nada. I've got old stuff. I mean, I have family heirlooms and I've got a bracelet that's old AF coming in around 300BC and I wear it...sometimes. But none of it's been with me for as long as the Simpsons.

Hell. Me and the Simpsons have had a thing going on together for longer than I've known most people in my life.

It's a pretty awesome sheet. #JustSayin.

Anywho. What about yall? What one item have you had the longest and still use it on the regular?

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