Sunday, May 29, 2016

3.5 stars--Under the Surface (Alpha Ops #4) by Anne Calhoun

Undercover cop, cheeky ladies bar named Eye Candy, heroine with a mission but a dirty childhood friend, undeniable sexual chemistry and futile resistance. Under the Surface was a sexy, flirty, holy-cow-fan-yourself hot read with a side helping of danger. Yes, please!

The quick of it is that one of Eve's childhood friends has propositioned her. He wants to use her bar to launder his drug/gang money. And she agrees. Then quickly heads to the cops to let them know. She's determined to clean up her city and will be damned if the bad guys are gonna use her bar as a front. Little does she know that when she hires a new bartender a short time later...she's also brought in an undercover cop who's mission is to keep her alive and make sure she was on the up-in-up.

So these two. I liked them. Eve's bold and sassy. She's full of conviction and vision. I loved that she was passionate about her business and trying to change her community for the better--even if it put her in danger. And Matt. Whoa sexy! He's got that dark and quiet thing going on. He's a man of few words but ::shivers:: yeah he's got a mouth on him when warranted and it's sexy as all get out. He's every inch the protector and good guy with the world on his shoulders. They were good together too. Had that push and pull thing happening and were just drawn together despite him trying to resist since he was undercover and that's all kinds of messy.

There was a little bit of danger with her being an informant and trying to get information for the cops. It wasn't too in your face, though, and I really wouldn't call this a romantic-suspense. There were a couple of pulse pounding scenes as she dealt with the bad guys but most of the get-your-blood-pumping moments came from naughty times with the hero. Noms! Cus seriously...chemistry between them was seductive and blistering hot. I did have a couple quibbles early on when Eve was a bit too sexually pushy for my taste. He kept saying no...she kept pushing and saying if he didn't put out she'd go somewhere else. Keep in mind she's his boss and he was asking to go slow. So that put me off for a good bit. But once that passed and they got together...brace yourself because...knee-weakening-make-a-girl-pant delicious.

All in all, Under the Surface was a steamy fun read. I did think it was a mite too long especially compared to the more novella-ish books in the series so far but it was a good time and kept me entertained. Calhoun has a way with writing yummy characters that pulls you in and leaves you asking for the next. And I'm definitely curious to see who will get a story now. I'd love to see her brother and his lady cop partner. Or his brother who was injured in a car wreck years earlier. Both would be high on my *grabby hands need it now* list.

Welcome to Eye Candy, the East Side’s hottest nightclub where the bartenders are hot, the cocktails are fancy, and danger lurks just under the surface…

Eve Webber, the gorgeous and savvy owner of Eye Candy, knows better than anyone that growing up on the wrong side of the tracks comes with certain complications. Determined to run a clean business and fix up the East Side, Eve’s plans get temporarily stalled when a potential new hire walks into her bar. The sexual chemistry crackling between them is a potent distraction…even if she refuses to mix business with the promise of pleasure.

Detective Matt Dorchester lives by strict rules that have kept him alive in impossible situations. When his latest undercover assignment has him playing a bartender, his desire for the passionate owner has him breaking every single one. Eve is in danger and her life depends on his secrecy. But once their attraction reaches a climactic conclusion, Matt must make a desperate choice: Tell her the truth about who he really is―or risk a once-in-a-lifetime love to save her life?

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