Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tasty Delights-- Breakfast Biscuit Bake

I saw a post a while back where they made a breakfast skillet with a biscuit crust on top and since breakfast is one of my favorite things I decided to play around with some of the things I had in the house and one of my pretty skillets my mom got me--they can go from stove to oven--and this came to be.

It was pretty easy and oh yum! Yeah the noms were good, yall. It did take me a couple of tries to get things right but worth the effort.

Breakfast in one dish! And it's so very easy to customize to personal tastes/what you have in the house/etc.

Basics you'll need...hashbrowns, eggs and biscuit dough-- either store bought or homemade.
Then add in whatever veggies or cheeses you'd like.
For yall that eat meat throw in your favorite pre-cooked meats.

First step is to saute up the onions and hash browns with a bit of salt and pepper.

I definitely recommend adding the seasonings. On the first attempt at the dish I just put the hashbrowns with no seasonings on the bottom of the dish and was a fairly bland addition to the overall meal. I liked the onions added in to them plus the butter from sauteing them and the salt/pepper. It made a huge difference.

Add in however many eggs you'd like. I ended up doing 6-10 eggs (depending on the size of the dish I used) but you can use more or less.
I did a little salt/pepper in with them and a splash of milk (or rather milk alternative) as well.

Once your hash browns are just a little browned pour your eggs over top.

And veggies. You can either layer or mix them in with the eggs before pouring them. 
I did it both ways and both work out fine.

Sprinkle on your cheese (that can be mixed with the egg too if you prefer) and top with your biscuits.

Now a NOTE!! Because *dramatic sigh* alas this was not a perfect domestic goddess creation and did take some trial and error on my part. This is from my first attempt at these so a different dish here but just ignore that. lol

I ran into a bit of an issue with the eggs and biscuits cooking evenly. 
When everything came out it was gorgeous until I noticed the egg under the middle two biscuits really hadn't cooked all the way through and the underside of those middle biscuits was under cooked as well. So I flipped those over that first time and gave it a little longer in the oven. I'm sure I didn't need to flip them over but I did and got a not quite as pretty end result. 

So the next time I used a different dish (the bake-able pan) and had similar issues with the center egg just not cooking all the way through. The second go about I opted NOT to flip that middle biscuit and just baked it longer until it was solid.

The turned out fairly well. The biscuits do get a little cooked though. My next attempt I believe I'll let the egg mixture bake and about halfway through add the biscuits.

Even with taking a little extra time to cook the dish came out really yummy and so filling!

Dish out and serve!

I've got a thing for avocado right now so added a little of that and some tomatoes in and gah what a yummy breakfast (or dinner as the case was here lol)

End result? I love this one. I really do. It's one you'll need to play around with until you get it just right for your personal preferences and I do really recommend the seasoning of the hash browns. That made a huge difference between attempt #1 and attempt #2.

*If you don't have a dish that can go from stove top to oven that's totally fine too.
Just saute things on the stove then layer into a casserole dish and pop it in the oven.

Tasty Delights and Dazzling Disasters is all about playing in the kitchen and having some fun.

I'll share my delights and my disasters. Yall feel free to join in and create your own posts, share your favorite recipes, what have you. If you have a recipe suggestion just let me know!

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