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Bits & Nibbles-- {The Perfect Fit by Jenna Sutton} & {I Thee Wed by Celeste Bradley}

The Perfect Fit (Riley O'Brien & Co. #4) by Jenna Sutton

What a cute, make-you-feel-good read! I loved every second of The Perfect Fit. The only downfall of this one? That it had to end. I had such a good time with these two as desperation brought them together as roommates and they went from strangers to best friends to something even more. *sigh* I loved them.

Zeke is one sexy beast of a man. He's a little older at 36--she's 25--and maybe a spot world weary after coming home from war. And Margo. She's his opposite. She's young and cheerful and shiny compared to his regimented and more serious self.

"Good morning,"she chirped.

He barely bit back a groan. Was she a morning person? God help him.

"Morning," he replied.

He knew he sounded like a bear that had just emerged from hibernation. Hell, that was exactly how he felt: irritable, hungry, and itching to tear a strip off some unsuspecting human.

"How did you sleep? I slept great. Your sofa is more comfortable than my bed."

"I need more coffee before I can deal with you."

Instead of offending her, his surly response elicited a laugh.
I just loved them together. They really were the perfect fit and so cute as they took up together and both settled into life in the area--new jobs, joining the softball league at work, making friends. It was just lovely and sweet and sexy too. Their chemistry was fabulous. It did take them a little while to move into the more than friends category because of a little hang up of Zeke's that kinda pulled at the heart but made him even more interesting. One of my favorite things? That Zeke wasn't a manwhore! He'd only been with one woman before the heroine and even his experience with her was somewhat limited. I just loved that. It was really refreshing in a genre full of I've-slept-with-everything-that-moves heroes.

All in all, The Perfect Fit was the perfect read for an afternoon escape. Sexy and sweet it'll pull at your heart strings and have you laughing out loud as two very special people find just a little magical when they least expect it.
Zeke May has spent the past two years recovering from an IED attack and trying to adjust to life as a civilian. The veteran hiring program at denim empire Riley O’Brien & Co. offers a new beginning. The only problem is the high cost of housing in San Francisco, and Margo Lange could be the perfect solution.

Now that Margo has completed veterinary school, she’s ready to fulfill her dream of living in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, she’s drowning in student loan debt and the only places she can afford are dumps. Luckily, one of her uncle’s Army buddies needs a roommate.

Although Zeke’s place is a perfect fit for Margo’s budget, he is not what she expects. He’s much younger than her uncle, and he’s melt-your-panties hot. She doesn’t want to fall for him, but it doesn’t take her long to realize that Zeke is the perfect fit for her, regardless of their age gap. Too bad he’s so obviously still in love with his ex-wife…

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I Thee Wed (Worthington #4) by Celeste Bradley

Mad scientists, fiery Italians, and bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies. I Thee Wed had an interesting set up for a historical and I loved that. The hero has taken an apprenticeship with a scientist in order to hopefully make a name for himself in the field. But things aren't at all what the very methodical and rather socially awkward Orion expected. For starters...his mentor's passionate and lively niece has Orion's mind all a flutter. Not only is she stunning but she's a scientist (cue the lots of bunnies) too! There's something a little hinky about his new mentor as well.

So the thing about I Thee Wed was that I didn't love it...but I didn't hate it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the book. Like. At all. I liked the characters, I liked the set up, it had unique elements and curiosities about it. It had all of the elements of a book that should have had me smitten but for some reason just didn't. I even liked the writing. It was pleasant and easy to read. I'm honestly not sure at all what it was about this one that just didn't hit the right button for me. I was able to put it down easily and for extended periods of time--around two weeks--which would usually have me restarting the book from scratch because my memory is so bad but even though I could put it down and read a ton of other books then pick it back up...I remembered everything. So put-down-able but memorable. It was just so strange.

So I'm giving this one a three because while it was entertaining it just wasn't captivating as Orion tried to figure out his new surroundings, feelings he'd had for the very first time, and the curiosity and air of danger surrounding his mentor.

Intelligent and driven, Orion Worthington aspired to be like his mentor, the acclaimed scientist Sir Geoffrey Blayne. Logically, Sir Geoffrey’s daughter would be Orion’s perfect match. So why can’t he keep his mind off the unruly girl who works in Sir Geoffrey’s lab?

Orphaned fire-cracker Francesca Penrose hopes that London is modern enough to accept her brilliant mind despite her womanhood. But she can’t help noticing Orion’s mind...or his body.

So they decide to run an experiment: if they give in to their passions, their attraction will simply fizzle out, with no impact on their hearts...right?

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