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Quote-tastic/Review--Feline! I will take you down!--Night Shift by Charlaine Harris

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Charlaine Harris has been a long time favorite of mine (minus a book not too long ago) and oh I have been enjoying Midnight, Texas. It's mystery with some paranormal added in and brings characters from all her different series into one real quirky odd town in Texas.

Anywho. So this is Fiji who is the resident witch and her familiar...Mr Snuggly. Fiji has to pick one of the local men for something and her kitteh is, well, cat-ish about it with his advice. I totally cracked up at the end. I may or may not have had similar thoughts about the herd babes over the years.
"Not helpful," Fiji muttered.

"Oh! Did you want me to tell you to follow your heart? In that case, just call the blond hunk across the road and tell him he's the one."

"He's a nice guy," Fiji said, defensively, knowing that the words were inadequate.

"That's what you should go for, then. A nice guy." Mr Snuggly's words dripped with sarcasm. He lifted a leg and bent to clean his butt.

"There's nothing wrong with a nice guy," Fiji said in a voice that was almost a snarl.

"Oh gosh, no. Let's skip three powerful weretigers, both the mature one and the younger one and the really young one. And the angels. And the psychic. And the half-demon hunk with the long black hair. And the vampire. Let's go for the plain-vanilla human with the tragic past." He turned away pointedly.

"If you weren't a small animal, I'd take you down," Fiji said. She was so angry it took her a moment to realize how ridiculous that was. Her mouth twitched.

"You could try," Mr Snuggly said coldly, and turned around to give her a glare. 

Night Shift (Midnight, Texas #3)

Things are definitely getting interesting in Midnight, Texas and it's SO fun to go along for the ride! I'm really loving this series and the whole ensemble cast. Add in danger, romance, some new arrivals, finding out a few of the town's secrets...yeah, Night Shift upped the game and, damn, it was a blast!

The quick of it is that a big bad is rumbling in Midnight and people are acting strange. Well, stranger than normal. This is Midnight after all. This time around, though, it's life or death as people are drawn to the town's crossroads--in an almost possessed way-- and are killing themselves. It's up to the town's main players to figure out why and put a stop to the madness that's infecting so many.

One of the things I'm loving about this series is that there isn't one person this series is about. It's really a group story. There's lots of head hopping between all of the characters but it's done in a masterful way and works. It so works. I love spending time with all of them. With the witch and her familiar, the psychic with a crush, the vampire and his ladyfriend, the tigers, the fallen angels and even the lowly human pawn shop owner. It was fun seeing little bits of their pasts and their desires and their secrets brought to light. They all just came alive and I totally want to live in Midnight--minus the big bad scary happening lol I just love their eclectic mix mash of personalities, abilities and such. 

The big bad and a new arrival into town were...interesting and curious and brought some very interesting revelations to the townsfolk. There was a little weirdness at the end with how it was all dealt with that was just...odd but other than that I loved seeing the group deal with the weird happenings and figuring out a way to stop it all. 

I devoured Night Shift and can't freaking wait until the next one. The wait is going to be painful. I need me some more were-tigers, please! If you like a little paranormal woo-woo and a good mystery...definitely one to check out. Plus, seriously, weretigers!

At Midnight’s local pawnshop, weapons are flying off the shelves—only to be used in sudden and dramatic suicides right at the main crossroads in town. 

Who better to figure out why blood is being spilled than the vampire Lemuel, who, while translating mysterious texts, discovers what makes Midnight the town it is. There’s a reason why witches and werewolves, killers and psychics, have been drawn to this place. 

And now they must come together to stop the bloodshed in the heart of Midnight. For if all hell breaks loose—which just might happen—it will put the secretive town on the map, where no one wants it to be...


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