Saturday, May 7, 2016

You Oughta Know-- Facebook & Herding Cats (things are a changing)

Okay so a HUGE thing with the blog! Facebook recently decided to be difficult with our Fan Page. Views dropped to a ridiculous low. We've always had great interaction and reach and then this past month they were like BOOM no more views for you!

So! I started a FB Group for the blog since they don't get the same smack down as a fan page.

It'll be basically just like the fan page. I'll post blog happenings, chat about what's being read, share funny pics and memes and whatnot but it's in a closed group so if you haven't joined you can't see posts (that's a bit of a bummer really but ah well)

So far it's gone really well I think! And just shows how badly fan pages are going at the moment.

I did a little playing around with one post and did it in both places. After two hours
In the Group with 95 people...44 people saw the post.
On the Page with 3,964 followers... 25 people saw the post.
Erm, yeah. lol So Group it is for now! I hope you'll join me!  HERE

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